Its funny how you can feel

Two such different emotions at once.

Pleasure and Guilt.

Funny how one moment

Can change your life or that of others.

Funny how you can see the iceberg coming

And not even move.

Funny how you can put on a show

A mask to fool the world around you

And maybe even yourself.

Funny how one thing can cause

Your whole world to crash around you.

Funny how you can live a lie for so long

And not even realize it.

Funny how you can actually feel the innocence being drained from your body.

Funny how you can feel the hate crashing

Funny how every word can have such

Drastically different meanings.

Funny how you can laugh

And in the same second cry.

Live, and at the same time die.

But its hilarious that all of these things are so true

So serious, that its actually

Not funny at all.

Xo, Jorjia

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