Here’s a bit of story, a little jaunt down memory lane, showing that God knows more than we do and that He has plans in place.

This tale was from around 20 years ago. It was while we were living in Ohio, before we moved to Florida.

We had traveled down for vacation and stayed with my mom and stepdad.

While in beautiful Central Florida, we visited their church with them. It was a small group that met in an older building, a civic center. The children actually went a block away to a little clubhouse in a trailer park.

Jorjia immediately made friends with the children and enjoyed going with them to have fun and learn.

There was a small band, and worship was organized, yet spontaneous – a song may last longer if the moment called for it, an additional song may be added, whatever seemed to fit the energy in the room.

There was something about that church. Something that just made us feel like we belonged. It actually helped solidify our decision to leave Ohio and start a new life hundreds of miles away.

Ken decided that he wanted to be a Disney mechanic and we had found a home church! The weather was phenomenal, Jorjia and I loved it here too; plus added bonus being near mom and Papa. The decision was made!

Sadly vacation ended and responsibility called, so we had to return to work and make our plans.

We had not been attending church in Ohio. Honestly we had given up finding a church up there. Since we were relocating to Florida – we considered just waiting. But the pastor down in Florida suggested that we pray and then look in the phone book for a church. (A phone book was literally a book with people’s home phone numbers or if it was a business there was a section for those as well.) So, that’s what we did and we found New Hope.

Mind you this was in a different town not far away but certainly not where we would’ve driven past during our normal outings.

Unbeknownst to us this church was struggling and when God lead us there we were able to bring some new energy and hope to them. We were open about our plans to move, but we didn’t let that stop us from cultivating friendships there. They became very dear friends, and we even got baptized there.

The time finally came for us to head down to Florida – we left with their love and support.

Here’s some of the takeaways:

⁃ we already knew it was temporary – we were moving to Florida : but in that time between – God gave us a home church.

⁃ our relationships grew even though we knew miles would eventually come between us.

⁃ God blessed us to be able to tithe to the church in Ohio & Florida at the same time!

⁃ my friend from New Hope prayed for us to have Michael (we had already tried for 5 years) she never stopped & 3 years later – Jorjia got her brother.

⁃ God knew all along that the relationships at New Hope would strengthen us for our journey.

⁃ He also knew that our attending New Hope filled with excitement and vision for our adventure would help revitalize theirs.

God knew what we needed. And He was right.

There are still people from then that I could call and say – I’m in Ohio and broke down – could you help – and they would. We made friends that are forever friends.

What might you be keeping yourself from doing or immersing in because you are waiting for something better/different?

What have you felt the gentle nudging to do that may be as scary as a cross country move, that you need to act on?

Don’t get stuck in the moment – you have a life to live and so much in you to give!

God knows His plans for you, so pray and ask Him to help show you the way.

THE END…. (or perhaps the beginning?) …. Amy

Photo Credit:

New Hope – off their Facebook – Man worshiping Priscilla Du Preez

Friends – Priscilla Du Preez

Snowy Memory Lane – me!

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