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Hey y’all… I am getting very concerned about driving since the world began to open back up after the Covid quarantines. 


I don’t know if it was because everyone was home for a year and a half and got so accustomed to having their phone in their hand, or what – but it is getting very scary out there. 


As an Uber and Lyft driver, I am on the road a lot. I mean a lot. While most people’s commute is generally 20 minutes to an hour, mine is more like 6 to 8 hours, and sometimes more. Daily. (Well, daily on the weekends – I am home during the week building my brand.) This means I have plenty of time to observe what is going on out there.  


MOMS and young to middle-aged Ladies! PLEASE do not be scrolling on your phone while you are driving! Watch the road!


Are you offended?! Good! I would rather have you upset with me, than to drive past you as they are loading you into an ambulance! 

The reason that you are the first group I am addressing is because I have personally seen 3 times over the last week or so women between the age of maybe 20 – 35 years old with their phone between them and their steering wheel, head down focused on screen, as they drove down the road!! 

One was laughing as she was watching it and driving. Completely absorbed in whatever she was watching on her phone.

Another, I actually had to stop in the middle of a left-hand turn at a 4 way stop because one young lady stopped at her stop sign and then began driving after making a complete stop – while I was turning in what would have been in front of her, had I not been driving defensively – watching other drivers while I was going slowly. I would have been hit!!! 


MEN – I also see you with your phone in hand, generally it seems to be more talking on it, as you are maneuvering around in traffic, getting up close to the back of other vehicles. 


Young drivers – it’s not just the old folks y’all. Yes, I know you were using Snap Chat and various other platforms adeptly as a toddler – but behind the wheel? You need to be focused on driving. 


Y’all, I just got word from my brother-in-law of a 4 car pile up on a stretch of road that I have driven for years and have never seen that sort of accident on. The road was blocked for 2 hours. I don’t know if there were fatalities and I pray not, but I can tell you – it doesn’t take a death to change your life. What caused that accident? Was it distracted driving?


Accidents hurt. Accidents kill. Accidents change lives. Accidents cost a lot of money. 


Please don’t drive distracted.  


I use my phone; I need to for my app and for my maps. I talk to text. (My family can tell you that sometimes my phone sends the funniest messages, as it doesn’t always understand me) I connect my phone to my car and talk. 


But watching YouTube? Scrolling Instagram? Watching Tic Tok? Reading Facebook?  Those are not for drivers to be doing while the car is in motion. 


Please don’t drive distracted. 


I am not against using the phone. I want my children to have their phone with them when they are out. I just don’t want people to be so focused on their phone that they forget they are driving a potential killing machine. 


Have your phone read you the message. With today’s technology, there is simply no excuse.

And as for stories, reels, and the other fun things? There is a time and a place for that, and it isn’t when you are behind the wheel with your life and other’s lives literally at your hands. 


Please. Watch out. Please don’t drive distracted. 


Drive Safe, Amy

Photo Credits: Unsplash: Ambulance Yassine Khalfalli linktr.ee/yzizzy / Me – selfie! / Cellphone while driving- Marlon Lara / Red cellphone while driving – Melissa Mjoen

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