Would I suggest we sell and move into an RV?

It’s been just over 1 ½ years since we sold our 3-bedroom 2-bathroom home on 10 acres in the green swamp. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, and other times it feels like forever ago.

Going from so much space to a 38-foot coach has certainly been interesting. Our 13-year-old dog, Hershey, has gotten quite adept at laying exactly in spots so that we must cautiously balance as we step over her!

An older chocolate Labrador Retriever mix laying partially on the carpet, partially on the tile, in front of my office.

I have gone from a few cupboards of pans and cookware down to just some pots, pans, and dishes, easily tucked into one little cupboard. My bakeware is either packed away in storage, or in a cabinet at a friend’s house for when I borrow her oven.

I no longer have a pantry for food items, and literally have things stored in multiple cupboards throughout the coach and some are even down below in what is called ‘the basement’.

Occasionally I will get behind on laundry and will need to load up and go to the laundry room in the clubhouse to catch up. Our coach has an adorable little wash and dry unit that can do very small loads. It takes about 3 hours to wash and dry one little load. The convenience of being able to just do it here rather than hauling it up and paying to wash and dry helps us both to try to keep on top of things.

Now when I go to work on any project – I first need to make sure I have a clear space for it, and then dig out whatever supplies I need from wherever they have been stashed. Once I am finished, everything gets put back.

The concept of for everything there is a place, and for every place there is a thing certainly applies to living full time in a coach.

A view of my yard, and the side and rear of our Forrest River Charleston Motorcoach which is our 38ft home.

Then as if living in the coach wasn’t enough, I decided to begin building an online business. I decided I wanted to work from home. What an adventure that became!

There is no spare room for a desk. I can’t just shut the door and change from home to work and visa versa. So, the job began of figuring out how I can have space to work and not interfere with daily living. Pulling it all out, setting up to work, and then packing it all up to put it away at the end of the day was too frustrating. Leaving it out along the small couch and having to maneuver around it was not an option either. Everything looked so messy, and it caused more stress for both of us.

Due to my chronic pain and back issues, sitting on a couch or chair while working for hours became another dilemma to solve. So, I got an exercise ball, and Jorjia got me one of those frames to keep the ball from rolling everywhere. (I have used these balls for years, it wasn’t to keep me from rolling off it {ha-ha}, it was actually to help keep the ball from continually getting in our way when I wasn’t sitting on it! – and it works great!} Can you imagine, as you begin to walk through the narrow path from our living room to our bathroom, and having this large ball roll out and block the way? Kicking it only served to cause it to come back at you with more vengeance when it hit whatever stopped it and changed its trajectory.

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The Best Exercise Ball Stand

My Favorite Exercise Ball

A person sitting on an exercise ball with stand holding it place as they work at their desk.

As I sat one day almost in tears, knowing that something had to change with my work at home environment – I realized we seldom ever sit at the little dining table together. We either sit next to each other on the little couch, with a small folding table in front of us. Or we sit outside on our patio at the table out there.  Besides which, one night a week we eat at our friend’s house, and one night a week we eat dinner out somewhere – so I was really only looking at a few nights a week at home to worry about.

Suddenly what was a huge obstacle became simply looking at things differently.

Ken came home from work to find the house all bright and cheery with me in a positive mood!

The little couch was empty and ready for us to sit together and chat. The path from the front of the coach to the rear of the coach was cleared out. I had my ball and stand on one side of the table, and the spare chair on the other. My computer was set upon the little folding table, and the top of the dining table was set up as my office. I had purchased from Amazon a couple of beautiful filing cabinets – one that had a space for my printer. Both fit perfect here in the coach, and I feel really brought my office together because everything was in its place, and each place had it’s thing!

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My Space Saving Office

I am still currently working weekends driving for Uber and Lyft, as I build up my brand and my business, but I look forward to the day that I walk away from that.

Weekdays, I get up and enjoy going outside on the patio, and looking over our little lot, in our little neighborhood watching Hershey chase her lizards, then we come into the coach. I throw in a load of laundry, get set and go to work in my little office nook.

The little things that could cause stress because our environment is so small, pale because of the benefits we experience.

Life has become simpler and while yes, sometimes we need to be a bit more creative in how we accomplish things – I do not regret our decision to sell our home and live in our coach full time.

No regrets, Amy

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