Have any of you noticed our etiquette is missing? I believe Covid stole it!

Ever since the world began to open back up – from where it was shut down for the pandemic, I have seen more and more signs of this.

Let me give you some examples that I have noticed as an Uber/Lyft driver. I have had multiple times that my riders climb into the car, talking on the phone. This is perfectly fine, and I do not mind except when they are talking on speakerphone! I really don’t want to be involved in their conversation. Do they honestly believe that just because I’m wearing a mask that I cannot hear what they are saying? Or during the ride I’ve also had them answer the phone and sit there and have an entire conversation on speakerphone. And the thing is, they don’t even notify the other person! So this other person may assume that they are having a private conversation, yet a complete stranger is hearing everything.

Another example of rudeness is when my riders climb into the car and play video games with the volume turned up on their phone. Not wearing AirPods, or using headphones just having that looping music continually playing in my backseat. I do not mind games, personally, I love the fact that when someone else is responsible for driving I am able to use my time however I choose. I can relax, play a game, or even do work on my phone.

The problem comes in when there is no consideration about the noise. What are they thinking?

One would think that those things would only be happening inside a car, but it’s not. I find people doing this everywhere. Doctor’s offices, restaurants, the store all have become a free for all with technology.

What’s really astounding is how I even caught myself at it today! Yes! Here I am wondering about why others do it, and I climb out of my car, on speakerphone and keep walking as I head into the store! I caught myself just before I opened the door and switched it to my ear!

That is when I realized Covid must have stolen my etiquette too!

The good news is, it is replaceable. We just need to catch ourselves without it and become aware that change is necessary. Then we can begin the process of retraining ourselves to think of others and be more respectful.

What are some areas that you’ve noticed etiquette missing?

Has your etiquette been stolen too?

Bringing back my manners, Amy

Photo credit: Unsplash

Uber: Austin Distel

Business lady on phone: christina@wocintechchat.com

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