“Does the energy last for the next 6 months? I know people who attended an event, and they could not sustain the momentum.”

You have no idea how much those simple little words hit me.

This was a person, who I was talking to about attending a personal growth event for entrepreneurs. Here’s the thing though, it could have been anyone – about anything.

Why would we choose to base our own individual performance upon someone else’s results or lack there of?

I mean I totally get choosing to try something because of the recommendation of someone else – it helps us to know a bit about whatever it is before we try it. Advertisers have been using ‘testimonials and reviews’ for years because of how well it brings traffic.

A square quote card with some little stars on it. The quote reads: Choose Your Dreams Over Excuses. Also has conquerwithhope.com written on it.

The concern that I have is basing what your own results will be, from what someone else did or didn’t do.

There is no measuring how dedicated they were to their dreams, so perhaps their commitment level isn’t what yours will be.

That being the case, why would you walk away from your dream – just because they were not committed to theirs?

For this particular case, the event we were talking about was actually more of a deep insightful personal experience – so, honestly I was confused as to why they questioned it having momentum. It was enough to get me thinking though, about how we let other’s experiences influence us.

Quote card with the quote: History is written by the winners - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Think about it for a moment. Have you ever had a positive experience with something, that you have heard someone else didn’t? It happens.

So, if it happens – why would you hinge your future on their opinion?

I hope that I have convinced you not to give up on your dreams. I hope that I have encouraged you to think before making a decision based upon someone else’s choices.

You are worthy. You are important. Your dreams matter. Don’t buy the excuses that others are selling.

Chase your dreams! Write history – you are a winner.

You got this, Amy

Thank you so much for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, we appreciate you.

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