I’m sure on the outside this is gonna sound funny, but I didn’t think so when it was happening!

So, as I write this, I’m in my chair and icing my back.

Why? You may ask?

Cuz of the doggone bonfire. That’s why. You may be thinking ‘oh my’ by now, and I don’t blame you. What does a bonfire have to do with me icing back? Well, sit back and let me jump right into it (the story, not the fire).

I came home after attending a Leadership seminar, I had gone out with friends after, so it was close to midnight by the time I pulled my car into the driveway. My mind was filled with incredible ideas, ready to implement in to my business. It had been a great evening, with lots of information, fun and friends, I was in a good mood but getting tired.

As I drove in I saw smoke rolling from the bonfire pit with wood in a teepee shape in it.

With no one around.

I’m talking lots of rolling smoke, not just a little puff of smoke.

On the one hand, this doesn’t look good, but on the other hand…. My first thought was, I know I have to be up early, but do we have supplies for S’mores if this thing catches? C’mon, you would have too, right?

A legitimate question.

A tantalizing thought.

But alas, sleep calls.

I enter the house to find it silent.

I check the master bedroom. My husband is sound asleep.

I go to my 14 year old son’s room, he appears to wake up when I knock and enter.

I ask ‘um are y’all having a bonfire?’ He says “yeah, we tried but it’s only smoking.”

I asked “does your dad know?”

He says “yeah, he said it’s fine – it’s only smoking.”  Then he proceeds to go back to sleep.

It was smoking. Yes, it was smoking. It was smoking quite a lot. A lot.

I choose to walk away, and leave it be.

I decide to go about my nightly ritual, brushing teeth, etc.

When finished, I walk toward the bed, and then stop.  The dog was still out.

So I turn away from the cozy bed and what do I see when I come back out to let the dog in?


Flames! That is through the dining room window. Doesn’t look much like smoke only, does it?

Yeah. Besides, what you can’t see is the hots floating up toward the trees.

This is now one of those fires that you hope for as you lay out hot dogs and graham crackers and other yummy supplies.

So I’m like crap – I can’t go to bed with it like that.

This may be a good time to let you know that we lost our home a few years back to fire.

No one was at home at the time. We were actually staying at a campground and doing some remodeling to the house. Someone broke in, stole a couple of things and then burned the house down. We lost everything from my wedding dress, to my father-in-law’s tools, a hand crafted rocker, my son’s special Sector Nine Skateboard from the factory tour we took, to my daughter’s baby outfits that I had painstakingly transported each and every time we moved, we lost it all. The pain and devastation were almost overwhelming, and sometimes still hit from out of nowhere. No one was ever caught and charged and we have moved on, but it is not something easily forgotten.

So, I grasped at reality and brought myself back to the moment. This was just a bonfire after all, and it was outside and I just needed to put it out. No worries. No stress. Simple.

Now this probably would have been a good time for to me to remember Murphy’s Law. I don’t know if you grew up with Murphy, but in my house – Murphy was the most negative one around, always warning of doom.

I have to pause here, and ask “Why? What purpose is there to encourage everyone to look for the dark lining in the cloud?”

But at the same time, I should have realized maybe I should get one of the guys up to do this, since physically I am a bit challenged right now. But nope, I pull up my figurative boot straps, and head into the dark unknown. Absolutely no thought of Murphy’s dire warning of “If something can go bad, it probably will.” or any other morbid quips of the sort.

So, out I go – take the shovel – separate the wood down, sprinkle sand on it – it’s still super hot and there are what looks like papers all around the wood. It loves the attention. It begins dancing and leaping, popping hots off and swirling in smoke. I realize then that this is going to take more to make it back down and disappear.

Next, I go & turn on the hose. Which apparently needs a washer at the attachment – it gets me wet leaking at the faucet. Lovely. At this point could there have been a small voice warning me to turn back? If so, the ‘I am WoMan, hear me roar’ trumped it.

Then I turn to walk toward the steps where the other end of the hose has a spray nozzle that is apparently stuck on and it has a fine mist spraying everywhere. Nice.

But as I start to go in the shadows – there’s a hole that I am unaware of and can’t see. Ouch!

So, me, whom has been on restriction since spring, finally beginning to feel a bit better…. yeah, I’m on ice in the recliner.

But not before I try the hose – which guess what? Doesn’t go to the fire! And because it is stuck on mist – I can’t spray out the fire.

Really? Thank goodness for the darkness, because I am sure I am a sight by this time. Muddy hands, wet clothes, and an aggravated look on my face.

So, I turn off the water. Stomp inside, get a gallon of just purchased water and carry it out to pour it on the fire.  Then I do it again. (Because I am not able to carry more than 1 at a time)

So, now the fire is soaked, there’s light smoke coming from it.

So I come in, change my pajamas since these are wet, smell like smoke & have dirt on them.

Then I tried to go to bed – but my body screams for ice and the chair.

So, thank you for letting me type this out and vent to you, because as I re-read it, trying to fix some of my spelling errors and such, I can see the humor in it. So, I hope that maybe you laughed, as you envisioned me wet and smokey trampling around in the yard trying to put out a little bonfire. Because I certainly must have looked hilarious!

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and being able to laugh at oneself is a trait that I admire. Unfortunately at that time, laughter was not on my mind! But now, looking back, I have to admit – it was funny!

Lessons from this story would be: where there’s smoke most likely there will be fire; always make sure your hose reaches to your fire pit and works; just because you see the obstacle (fire) doesn’t mean an unseen obstacle (hole) won’t get you, so always be prepared (ice); and next time grab marshmallows & just enjoy the fire!!

So, tell me, have you ever had a night like that?!


Happy Roasting!


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