Errands are many, moments are few;

Short cuts are necessary, what do I do?

To buy back my time is a fabulous plan,

But how do I do it, I’m not sure I can.

WalMart to the rescue, saving my day,

I shop in my jammies, last night – my way.

Then budget the quick stop in today.

Groceries are handled for the week,

All thanks to the talents of some geek.

They created an app that lets me decide,

If I want to avoid going inside.

I wait in my car and I multitask,

What do I do you may ask?

I wrote today’s blog!

Seriously though, have you ever had a day that you just knew you couldn’t accomplish everything you needed to?

I knew yesterday that we needed some groceries, and there was no way I could spend the hour or more in the store today.

As I tried to decide what to do, I happened to see the app on my phone. I had used the WalMart grocery app for the first time back in December while in Michigan.

Mom and I had flown up for her to stay with my stepsister Sandy for the holidays. So, rather than add all that hustle and bustle to mom’s full day, I decided to try out the convenience of grocery pick up. It went great and she stayed toasty warm in the car as the snow fell.

I realized that I could utilize the same thing here, saving myself time now!

Between occupational therapy, and picking up Chick Fil A for mom & Michael, I squeezed in loading up groceries. It was such a blessing!

I will be honest here, I prefer SHIPT, which is a grocery buying and delivery service (that I occasionally work for); but unfortunately they don’t deliver out where we live.

This was the next best thing and it totally saved my day!

There is a minimum order of $30.00, which in our household is never an issue.

Do you ever use WalMart grocery pick up? Or SHIPT or InstaCart or any of these new ‘app driven’ convenience grocery programs?

Why do or don’t you?

What would you do with your saved time?

How else do you buy back your time?

Time to go, Amy

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