Today I feel like I am in the rapids in a boat. I am holding the paddle but I’m just bouncing and slamming against the rocks as I race down the river towards the unseen; not scared just anxious. I am wondering what is around the bend?

Have you ever felt that way? Like your life is at the edge of a precipice? I catch myself breathing a bit rapidly, poised for action. Knowing that something incredible is just beyond reach and I can choose to lunge forward for it, or hold back to see if it is still there when I finally turn that corner.

It reminds me of a quote that I read a while back (unsure who wrote it) ‘Faith is knowing when you step off the edge of all that you know – either you will sprout wings and fly, or a bridge will appear.”

I believe life is like that. We can choose to take that step or that leap or we can choose to crouch down and hold on to what we know, and watch life pass us by.

The anticipation of living life to the fullest is an extraordinary feeling. Watching for what God is going to do next in my life, can sometimes make me feel like a child at Christmas. I know that others I have spoken to about this describe it the same way. Our eyes sparkle, we catch ourselves smiling often, there is an aura about us.

Similar to watching a moth drawn to a flame or a light, there is an attraction that emulates from someone chasing the purpose God has for them. It is almost as if they are releasing a pheromone.

Have you noticed that? How attractive one is when they are in that phase? Energy bursting forth, calling us to join them, to be all that we can be, to step into the unknown of something more? We just have to choose to act.

In Chasing Daylight, Erwin McManus says, “The most spiritual activity you will engage in today is making choices.”

I have to admit I had never really looked at it like that. But I love that concept. Going over it in my mind, I can see how making choices affects us spiritually.

How when one makes choices that go along with their dream, vision and purpose – that they really feel alive. Feeling alive, for me, is when I feel the most connected with God. I believe that there is a heightened awareness in my personal relationship with God when I am focused on applying myself to who God has created me to be. I think that in those intimate moments I am so open and vulnerable to Him, as I press in to be more. For myself, it is in those moments of choosing to allow Him to use me to share His love to others that I feel the most fulfilled.

That’s where I am at today, with an excited flutter in my stomach, anticipating the future, ready for where God is leading. Are you?

Are you excited about your future?

When do you feel most alive?

Feeling alive, Amy

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  1. I am most alive when I feel His presence around me that can be shared with other people in the room. When I cam feel His love emanating from my heart into another person. When I see the light return to a person’s eyes as they find and truly experience God for the first time. That is where my heart is as close to home as it can be here.

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