So, I started doing Shipt shopping to add some extra money to my income; and one of the side benefits is the amount of exercise that I’m getting. (Shipt is an app that people can order groceries and have them delivered – see the referral below for possibly some free groceries!)  For example, today upon realizing I forgot a small bag in the car, I found that after I carried six bags of groceries up the three flights of stairs to my customer; I was able to jog back up those three flights to deliver the last bag. Honestly this is something I didn’t expect but am so very thankful for!

Exercise and I are not very familiar with each other. It’s not that we have never met, it’s just we don’t seem to find much time to spend together!

I laugh as I tell people that God knew that if I were paid to get exercise – that I actually would do it!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” And I’m loving it! I sincerely look forward to getting out and getting active!

But, of course to every good – it seems there is also a possibility of a negative.

Since it is generally just the weekend that I have the most hours to do Shipt, I find I am heading out earlier in the day and not coming home until 9 – 10:30pm.  This then means I am not home to eat lunch or dinner. Some people may just skip meals until they get home, I can’t do that – I have to watch hypoglycemia. (Where my sugar can drop rapidly if I don’t keep it level. I maintain it by intentional eating.)

With the realization that everything that I spend will go against what I am earning, I try to be wise about my meals. I thought that maybe by sharing some of my tips, perhaps it will help some of you that are super busy as well.

Just because I don’t have time to sit and eat breakfast, doesn’t mean that I have to eat a breakfast bar.


One of my favorites is to make scrambled eggs, crumbled pre-cooked turkey sausage, spinach and sometimes cheese. Once I get it fully cooked, I then put it into a red solo cup, grab a spoon and off I go!

Another one speaks to the ‘southern’ in me! I do instant grits, add butter and brown sugar, scrape into a red solo cup and grab a plastic spoon.

A cool favorite is to take a red solo cup, scrape a container of yogurt into it, add a couple of scoops of chia seeds and stir it up. Not in the mood for dairy? Don’t worry – I just do applesauce and chia seeds instead.

Just because I am out on the road doesn’t mean that I can’t eat hot meals, or a variety of types of meals. I’m not really a sandwich person, so for the most part I don’t take those with me when I head out.

I also like to cook ahead, making extras when I make a meal, so then I am able to reheat throughout the week.

You may be wondering how I take something that needs heated? It’s pretty simple. I will either heat it and place it in the red solo cup and open a Ziploc bag to place it upside down over it, or I will heat it in a glass jar and place the lid back on it. Then I use what we call a ‘heat sock’ – essentially it is dry rice in a cloth tube that we heat in the microwave. I then place the ‘heat sock’ and the hot food into a small cooler – which is insulated and keeps my food hot longer. Then, when it is time to eat, I’m ready to enjoy!

I love to do that with things like:

Shepherd’s pie: browned burger (beef or turkey, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes and sometimes cheese)

Kielbasa and potatoes: browned turkey Kielbasa and browned potatoes (if life is super busy – I will use Ore Ida breakfast potatoes, rather than dicing my own)

Chili: sometimes I will add cheese in layers of chili – or I will crumble some gluten free chips or crackers in it to give it something different. I also like to heat rice and pour the chili over it in the cup.

Sometimes I take along a cooler for cold foods.

Red Solo Salad: I usually make up my salad on a plate and then scrape it into the cup. Lettuce, spinach, and whatever we happen to have cucumber, apples, celery…. plus, I love to add diced chicken or maybe some tuna fish – getting some protein in as well!

Red Solo Fruit Salad: sometimes it is just fruits I cut up, other times I will add a couple veggies with the fruit. Occasionally I will mix yogurt in with the fruit.

I’ve found that bringing snacks as well as ‘food’ helps me to not grab those expensive snacks at the gas station!

I try to catch BOGO of snacks like Rice Krispie treats, granola bars, applesauce cups, etc.

I read about people stopping off and buying an $8 – $15 meal while they are working. I chose not to because I actually enjoy getting creative saving money! I like to challenge myself – how many days can I be out and about and only buy gasoline? How far can I stretch my groceries from home?


Now, this isn’t to say that I never end up eating out. Sometimes things happen, and I just have to. I have a number of eating challenges (new dentures, gluten, flax seed allergy, and lots of other allergies) so, for me, I have to make choices of things that are inexpensive, and either don’t interfere with my food sensitivities or only slightly.

Some of my fallbacks are:

Panda Express – a small box of their rice and sweet & sour sauce – this isn’t a great option but since it is warm and less than $4.00, it makes me feel full enough for the moment.

Wendy’s – chili cheese baked potato – I often add sour cream.

ChickFilA – kids grilled chicken meal


All of these are just a small easy fix to keep me going if I’m out for hours.


Another thing is I NEVER buy a drink. I always have bottles of water in my car, and sometimes I will ask for an ice water. I never pay for their bottled water since I can usually buy a flat of 24 or more bottles for less than what 2-3 bottles are sold for individually! I seldom have come across any place that charges for an ice water. So, keep this in mind when buying a ‘meal’.

My only exception is at ChickFilA, where I like to get the apple juice in my kid’s meal! 🤣

The other thing about carrying around a flat of water in my car is that when I do see someone with a sign along the road, I am able to bless them with fresh water. If have snack bars or packs I can also give them that as well.

I hope that by sharing some of what I do, that I have given you some money saving ideas. Also, I would love to hear what you do to save time and money on the road.

On the road again, Amy


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