Is today different than any other day? Did you wake up excited, or wake up bombarded by thoughts that at least sleep had let you escape from? 

Thoughts like:

  • Ugh, I am already running late for work, and I don’t even want to go. 
  • There must be something more to life than this. 
  • Why am I even here? 
  • Why did I reset the alarm again, knowing it would make me rush?
  • I want to leave a legacy; I just don’t know how. 
  • Why won’t I stand up for myself, or what I believe?
  • Why am I always so tired? 
  • I need more income coming in.
  • I deserve more than this. 
  • I don’t fit in. 
  • What’s wrong with me? 
  • I am tired of feeling: discouraged / bored / unfulfilled / sad. 

Perhaps none of y’all have had any of those thoughts – I just wrote out thoughts that I personally have had. 

But… if you can relate, even to one or two of those thoughts – I have something to help you. 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 17, 2022. Then…(Website goes live at 3pm Eastern time today July 27, 2022.) Go to and buy your ticket. Then come to the Orlando Florida area to join Jorjia and I, along with some other incredible speakers to Strategize Your Victories and unleash the warrior within you!

A screen shot of a bit of the website announcing the event. Colors are a beautiful coral and green. In the Screenshot is also a photo of a tree, deck and sunrise.
A snapshot of the front page of website sharing event info.

YES!!!! This is the special event that Jorjia mentioned last week!!!  

She told you that I would tell you what inspired me to take action now and kick us in the butt to get it done this year! So, grab a tissue and off we go…

Katie’s Celebration of Life was full of people that had been touched by her joy of life. Everyone that was exposed to Katie went away changed. Some may have gone away shocked and a bit flustered by her exuberance and flair, some went away completed enamored by her lack inhibitions and obvious sexuality; and those that chose to step closer and read her posts or be in her presence either physically or online knew her as compassionate, encouraging, and authentic. No matter how you knew Katie, there was no question that you knew Katie. 

Her presence manifested so much of an energy that one probably wouldn’t be surprised to see a cloud of dust! (i.e. think Tasmanian Devil) She lived life out loud to the fullest, and could get even the most uptight people around her to let loose and have fun. There were stories of people skipping through parks with her, other’s blowing bubbles, still others dressing in left-over Halloween outfits for a night on the town (in June!). She had the ability to make the most unseen wallflower feel not only seen but valued and loved. 

Katie had survived things in her life that no one should ever even know of, much less experience. Yet, she chose to release her inner child and live and love to her fullest.

Katie’s life was cut too short. She was only in her 30’s. 

As I drove toward home that night, I thought of her. I thought of the depression she battled, and how she would post things online and how people connected to her. I thought how even as she was hurting, she still chose to serve. 

Then, honestly, I questioned myself. I questioned why I was choosing to hold myself back. What was I afraid of? Why wasn’t I living life out loud? Why didn’t I speak up or out more?  

Between the long day and emotions, I was exhausted and ended up stopping in a rest area and napping for a few hours in my car. Then, in the early hours the next morning – as I started back on my journey – I felt God’s presence.  I don’t know if it was because I was finally ready to hear it or if it was because Katie got up there and got the ball rolling, but suddenly I knew what we were supposed to do. 

Words came tumbling out, so I quickly opened a note in my phone and did text to talk all about an event that we were to begin doing, and how it was going to impact so many people and that Jorjia was to do it with me. There was so much, and lots of detail, and while the energy made me excited; it would not be an exaggeration to say that I was also overwhelmed and terrified. There is a saying about how if it is bigger than you can imagine – then it is God and I can tell you – this was crazy big. Then it was dropped upon me that not only were we doing this – but we were doing it in 6 months!! Absolutely no way. 

We have never done anything like this. I live in Central Florida; Jorjia lives in South Florida. We were both going to school and working. Jorjia had about 37 minutes of free time available a week (ok, slightly more – but honestly juggles more than anyone else I know), and I didn’t know how it would happen. 

So, 8am April 4, 2022 – when Jorjia calls me to check in and see how my travels home are going, I let her know what all had been going on in my car as I drove along the turnpike. When I asked her thoughts, she barely hesitated, said it sounded like we were supposed to do it, and that she knew we had been preparing with all the personal development education for most all her life. And so, it began.  

Booking a venue in Central Florida on a Saturday, that we could afford was going to be interesting enough for a year from now. The fact that we got a perfect one for this year? Nothing short of amazing.

Other speakers? We approached people that we knew that we knew had a message to bring. We are blessed and honored that when asked, that they jumped right in, excited to be a part of this. 

So. That is the story. It is time for Jorjia and I to step up and speak out, to Strategize Our Victories and unleash our warriors. Is it yours?

What to expect? This is going to be a life changing day. This one-day event is meant to start you on your journey of achieving the victories that you deserve, the victories that you have wanted – but have been held back because of forces beyond your control, all that changes now. The speakers have been preparing for this day for longer than you can imagine. Helping you to unleash the warrior within you is our calling. We know that this world needs more leaders, more champions, more people chasing their goals and dreams. It is our mission to help you step into whatever it is you are searching for. It is our mission to help you live life out loud. It is time to quit living life small.

What to do next? (Website goes live at 3pm Eastern time today July 27, 2022.) Go to and buy your ticket. Secure your spot.

ALSO… please be sure to let us know that you are one of our beloved blog fans, we have a whole list of special gifts for y’all. There are gifts for everyone that gets a ticket, but there are more gifts for you because you are a special part of our life and our journey, and we value you. 

<Not to rush you – but special pricing ends Sept. 1, 2022, … or before if tickets sell out. There is limited spacing, and therefore limited tickets.> 

This is an overview of the event. Just to give you a taste of it.  

  • Battle of the Mind {self-talk, language, mindset, pattern interruption, and garbage vs. info}
  • Battle of Relationships {association, fellowship, culture and accountability}
  • Battle of Intent {laws, patterns, habits, and structure}
  • Battle of Challenges {goals, rewards, recognition, and visualization}
  • Tools, Equipment, and Resources for achieving the victories

Check out the website for all the other amazing value!

There will be a section on the website that has a local hotel discount, with contact information for that (Sam the manager is awesome). As well as other local information. The venue is in Polk City Florida. (between Orlando and Tampa)

A screen shot of the website with a photo of a warrior on top and then a warrior on bottom - with speaker names listed between
Screenshot of website with Speaker names and warrior photos

You have the Warrior within you – we are going to give you permission to unleash that warrior and unlock your full potential.

Seize the day, Amy

Thank you. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for including us along your journey. We appreciate every like, follow, comment and share – it means the world to us. We look forward to actually seeing many of you live and in person in September in central Florida! This is going to be legendary!

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  1. I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!
    Beautiful post, Mom. So blessed to be on this journey with you. And so grateful for Katie and the impact she had on our lives. 💜

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