Currently one of the hats that I wear is UBER Driver. Sometimes I do UBER Eats, occasionally I deliver a package, but mostly I give people rides.

I have had people ask me if I am afraid to drive. They ask if I am afraid of strangers getting into my car. They ask why would I want to drive strangers around. Why would I want to drive my car all over? Why would I want to be out on the roads?

First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur. UBER is a ‘gig’, which by definition is a job which is temporary and the future is unknown. While that may seem to mean that I would be concerned about the end of this income – for me I see that as more opportunity. Just because something is temporary with an unknown future it doesn’t have to signify negative outcomes. It can also mean there is room for growth and change, adapting with conditions.

As I said, I’m an entrepreneur. It’s a challenge for me to work for someone else’s dreams. I like to chase after my dreams. I enjoy setting my own hours, working when it works for me and choosing what I want to do. Maybe I have a chance to share the LIFE Super App with someone, and so I’m blocking some time for that. Or maybe I am in a mood to write, so I work on my blogs or my book. Maybe I am allowed to visit my mom, so I block out time for that. UBER gives me the freedom to do that.

Oftentimes I will turn off my UBER Eats portion of the app when it is dark, because at 52 years old, finding poorly marked addresses to deliver food can be challenging. Whereas if someone is in my car, they can say to watch for the white mailbox or some other helpful description.

I have had a chance to meet some great people. Sometimes I am helping a family get to the airport, or maybe go to a doctor, perhaps someone’s car didn’t start and I help them get to work. Maybe it is for date night and while mom and dad have a sitter for the children, they both want to enjoy a drink and so they choose the smart choice and have a ride each way. Maybe it is best friends going out shopping and to eat, and want to spend their time chatting instead of focusing on the road. Here in central Florida, I also get a lot of vacationers that are out spending some tourist money which is helping our economy!

I share about the local businesses with my riders, and give suggestions when asked about places around. I have also learned about some great places that I may not have known about if it wasn’t for my riders.

So, while yes, it’s best to be careful and cautious, it is still something I enjoy. UBER is amazing in that the platform keeps an eye on my location – if I am sitting for a time longer than expected, they contact me to verify I am ok and if I need assistance. Both the rider and I have options to contact UBER if we don’t feel safe as well.

Another interesting addition to the platform is when a rider gets out of my car, not only do I rate them as a rider and but now I even need to mark if they were wearing as mask as well. Due to this, I always carry extra new disposable masks in my glovebox for those ‘oops I forgot’ moments.

I know that I am performing a service for someone by driving them, and they in turn are providing an income for me. That makes this a win – win, which makes me happy!

Have you ever used UBER?

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, what do you do?

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Buckle up, Amy

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