As part of my 12-step program I have learned that most of my bad decisions have been the result of fear. I feel fear – so I react, fight or flight. I lash out or I shrink away. Even if the surface emotion is different when I look closely the core belief or emotion is almost always fear.

I look around at the state of our world right now, and it saddens me. Fear is running so rampant right now. Like a disease. Masking itself as hate and anger. But I believe that fear is at the core.

I am a young white woman, raised middle class in America. I have no right whatsoever to speak on the experiences of anyone besides myself. But I can speak on what I see. At this moment I look around and I see judgement, separation, hate. The world is scared, and they are acting out.

I watched the videos and I heard the story of Flint Michigan. People posted numerous videos of Sheriff Chris Swanson walking with the protesters #WalkWithUs. Beautiful.


I think that is the cure, that is what will bring us out of this. Loving one another regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation. Regardless of our differences. If we can embrace each other – like a mosaic. A mosaic is beautiful because of all the pieces are different shapes, sizes and colors. Each piece is beautiful on its own, but together they make a masterpiece.

Love casts out fear.

Black lives are important. Trans lives are important. YOU are important. You matter.

Let us come together and show love in action.

No one should have to live in fear of judgement. No one should have to live in fear for their lives, or the lives of those we love. So this is a call to the feminine power in all of us – let us lay down our weapons and embrace one another. What people need right now is to feel accepted. To feel seen and heard. So let us listen to them. Let us not just look at them; but see them.

Feminine power is often discounted in today’s race for power and prestige. But the feminine strength is a powerful force to be reckoned with. A power of compassion and love. A quiet and steady strength.

What do you think this world would look like if everyone felt seen, heard and loved – regardless of their skin color, beliefs or sexual identity. There is something to learn from everyone. I want to leave a legacy of love.

I see you. I love you.


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