I drove past a billboard today that was advertising a local radio station. The sign clearly read “If you don’t like it, go back to New York.”

I rolled my eyes. I have seen it before, but today it just hit differently. I live in South Florida and recently we have been experiencing an influx of people moving down here from New York, as well as other areas of the country. At least twice a week I hear people complaining about it. People blame the gas prices on them. The raising prices of rent. The traffic. It is all the New Yorkers fault. 

Honestly, for a while I would joke around too or poke fun with my friends and add into the complaining. But I just don’t find it funny anymore. 

Why? Because I am tired of all the hate. I am exhausted by this “Us vs. Them” mentality. It seems like I am witnessing it at every turn. Pro-life vs. pro-choice. Pro-mask vs. no mask. Pro-shot vs. no shot. Left vs. right. On and on it goes. It makes me think of the people who would make the rude comments about people moving to America from other countries and “Stealing all of our jobs”. Y’all – could we give it a rest, please? I mean, let’s get real for a moment – if we are not Native American, then we have all come here from somewhere else. Acting like we own the place, and we are someone better than “them” (Whoever “they” may be in this case) isn’t helping anything! Having this mentality isn’t doing anyone any good – in fact it is making things much worse.

  1. -We are focusing on the negative – what we feed will grow.
  2. -We are assuming that resources are limited – therefore adding to the fear which fuels the hate.
  3. -We are making “them” feel uncomfortable – they feel our energy even if we are not hateful to their faces. 
  4. -The more we show hate towards other people, the more we will have negative feelings about ourselves. 

Let’s all try to remember moving forward that we are all One. We are all humans. We all have fears, doubts, insecurities and disappointments. We all deserve love. We all deserve kindness. 

Next time we go to make a remark or even think a derogatory thought about someone who we feel is somehow different from us – let us work to remember a moment in our lives when someone showed us kindness and let’s reciprocate that energy instead. 

Love, light and kindness <3 


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Photo Credit: John Bussell @everydayghost on Unsplash.com

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