The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor: he took my measure anew every time he saw me, whilst all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me.” George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever been in the discomfort of feeling that you should do something, and doubting your ability to do it? Questioning that you could actually do whatever it was, and it would turn out well?

Maybe you have been in a situation where someone from your past treated you like you used to be, rather than how you are now?

Perhaps a family member or friend that hasn’t been around you much lately still expects you to act like you did a few years ago.

Or maybe it is you? Do you ever still see yourself as who you were instead of who you are? 

That’s why the quote from George Bernard Shaw about his tailor, is one of our favorites. 

Photo collage of 2 photos and one quote. The quote is the one previously mentioned by George Bernard Shaw. One photo is of Jorjia talking about her business and one is of Amy mentioning the webinar.

It’s not only other people that do that, see us as we were instead of who we are; we do it to ourselves. 

I know for me, oftentimes at the holidays, I am around others that I am not around as much during the rest of the year. I notice that they don’t know about the things that I have changed in my life.

For example, this year, my brother and his wife were here. We made plans a couple of times, but life intervened and I would need to adjust the time – I would be arriving late. For them, this wasn’t an unusual thing. I had been late for almost everything when we were hanging out more frequently. For me? It was frustrating, because I generally am never late now. I actually had to have a talk with myself, because the thought went through my head, “well of course I am running late…” Yikes!! No way! That was not an acceptable conversation!

I had to take a moment and remind myself that while it was challenging, it was good to see that I had changed. It got me thinking about how seldom we stop and take stock of ourselves. How looking back over the last year or two, and seeing how much growth that I had, was something that I should include more in my life.

Chris Smith from shared recently that around New Year’s Eve is a great time to do just that. Take a look back over the year and give ourselves kudos for the positives and confront the lows. In fact, he and his wife have a free resource that they share on their blog that can help us to do that. Here’s the link for it:

I got thinking about it, and it was 5 years ago that Jorjia and I took a new measure of ourselves and learned that yes – we could be bloggers. Then, the Conquer With Hope blog was born. Then, in September of this year, we did it again and had our first event. Jorjia and I both took the stage as speakers at Strategize Your Victory.

Also this year, I took a new measure of myself and realized that I am a fit as a life guide and speaker, and that it was time for me to step into that. So, I did, which then opened doors for my new webinar: Intentional Moments in the New Year, on January 05, 2023. My webinar is going to help anyone that is tired of feeling disappointed about not being able to make the changes that they need. It is a free webinar, here is the link for it:

Jorjia took a new measure of herself and found she was a fit as a business coach, speaker and digital agency owner. Out of this, Joyful Digital Marketing was born. Her company is now helping small business owners all over to be able to spend more time doing what they do, while Jorjia and her team do what they do.

quote by Amy May - It is interesting how just taking the time to measure how far we have come opens up the doors to how far we can go. Picture of a blurred office behind the quote.

How about you? As there is this little space between Christmas and New Years, see if you can find the time to take a new measure of yourself. You may be surprised at how far you’ve come, and what fits today. 

Consider journaling about how far you have come this year, and where you want to go next year, and how will you get there?

With that in mind, think about Amy’s webinar … if the statements below resonate with you – consider attending on January 5, 2023.

Do you make promises to yourself every year, only to find that life happens, and you don’t end up keeping those promises? 

What if 2023 could be different, and you could achieve the goals you have been setting?

Different information, new resources and a life guide may be exactly the fit for you.

Measuring Up, Amy




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