It’s a part of me. I’ve almost always got a drink in hand or at least within reach. It’s not uncommon for me to have a refill near for just in case.  I think the looks I like the best are when someone sees me carrying around my amber liquid in a recycled coconut oil jar. It’s funny how few people ask what it is, I just see them do the double take, and then look at me. Even if they ask, seldom does it seem like they believe my answer. I don’t care. My body = my choice. 

small glass jar with a coconut oil label, about half full of an amber liquid. Sitting on the corner of a plastic table. Background shows interior of the coach, as well as a bit of a plastic lap tray.

I have been heard to say, ‘the first step is in admitting, and that’s as far as I am willing to go’.  I must be honest though; I don’t think I have really admitted to myself. At least not until now. 

So here goes. “I don’t drink enough water.” 

Wow. It is true. I do actually feel a little better getting it out there. 

No one would believe it, just seeing me out and about – like I said – I always have a drink in hand. If we go to leave, I grab a bottle; if I hang out anywhere, a glass or bottle is near me; first thing I do when I get up is pop that coconut oil jar into the microwave filled ¾ full; and I even keep packs of water available here in the coach. 

So, how is it that I don’t drink enough water you may wonder? I mean, if I always have it near – wouldn’t it make sense that I drink enough? 

There are a number of hydration calculators on the internet that can help you figure out how much water that you should drink. I am sure that some are more accurate than others, and of course there comes in the question of water in our foods as well, and how can we be so absolutely certain of the amount we consume? 

I don’t really know that extreme precision is vital, but I have come to learn that my body gets pretty intent on letting me know when I am running in the light flashing low fuel levels. 

Did you know that? That some of the ailments that we have can actually be your body’s warning signs that you are dancing around a bit too near dehydration? 

Some warning signs that perhaps I need more water are:

Headache – yep, a headache is sometimes caused by needing more water in our body. I have read that it is best to actually drink just water, or water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, rather than a drink that has other additives. (I know that personally, smelling the fresh lemon as I am making my water sometimes takes off a bit of the pressure.)

Dry skin – did you know that our bodies are made up of 55 – 60% water? Our skin is actually our largest organ. Obviously things like a dry climate and cold windy weather will affect it as well, but drinking extra water can help with that dry skin. I have severe placque psoriasis, and I know that the less water I drink, the more that I flake and feel discomfort from the dry skin.

Aches and pains – it’s not just a sign of aging or working too hard. I have learned that if my water intake is too low, I will ache in my joints a lot more. It isn’t just important to drink water around working out at the gym, it is actually a great idea to drink extra water around any form of activity – even house cleaning!

If you loved those tips, I will drop the blog that I took some of that information from and you can read more about the importance of drinking water. (see the link down with photo credits)

So, I talked to you all about why we need water. Now let’s chat about why I am not getting enough water, and maybe you can relate.

When I went in to a hydration calculator, I found that I need somewhere around 90 ounces of water a day, on average. At first, I was thinking – I totally do that – since I always have a drink around. What I have found though, is that oftentimes I am carrying that same exact bottle for hours a day, and not refilling it!

This got me to thinking, if the reason I am dealing with such dry skin, and am feeling so sluggish and sore, is because I am not drinking enough water – perhaps I should figure out how to get myself to drink more water.

I decided that when I am thirsty, I will take bigger swallows of water, and longer drinks. That should totally do it right? Well, sort of I guess. I mean it is helping, but I have noticed that I can go pretty long between drinking that next drink.

My friend gave me this really cool desk pad that I can doodle on, take notes on, and it even has a place for me fill in a little water drop for whenever I drink a glass or bottle of water. That’s awesome and that should help a lot. Only… I don’t always think to fill it in when I finish a drink, and then if I do, I am trying to remember did I fill it in the last time, and how many have I drank today? So, that doesn’t seem to be the answer for me either.

I thought, hey, if I get myself a refillable water bottle, with the ounces on it, then I will be able to keep an eye on how much I am drinking, and then I can refill it three times a day, and for sure that will do it. Truthfully, this has helped the most. I bought a 32 ounce refillable water bottle , it’s really cool, it has this little removable screen that if I put fruit into my water, it keeps it from coming out. I also use that to lay a peppermint tea bag in sometimes, and let it sit for a bit before removing, and it gives my water a peppermint flavor. I will put the link in for the bottle that I use, so you can see if that is the one you like too.

What I found though is, that since I just have that one, even if I do good for part of it, or most of it, I will not get it done three times in a day. So, I began thinking, what else can I do? Now, obviously I could purchase the larger version. That would be fine, except it’s more convenient for me to have the 32 ounce, instead of carrying a larger jug. So, I don’t want to do that.

Amy holding her 32 ounce refillable water bottle, standing by the door of the coach. She is smiling and wearing a tank top and glasses.

I started thinking, what if I purchase a second 32 ounce refillable water bottle, and each morning fill them up? My goal will be to finish one of them by noon, and then I will refill it and finish both by the end of the day. What I realized this will do, is that by having the visualization of the 2nd bottle waiting to be drank, it will help me stay on top of drinking more.

Now it is just a matter of choosing what color for my second bottle!

I also have been using my phone alarms a lot recently, because of having extra tasks and plans right now. It has been helping me tremendously to accomplish more, and not stress about forgetting stuff. So, I have decided to add some water alarms as well!

I have heard so much about the importance of positive reinforcement, so not only am I creating reusable water alarms, (setting them up to go off each day at certain times) I am also putting specific labels on each alarm! Plus, since it totally cracked me up for the beginning of this new habit of mine, for my song on my alarm I went with “Desert Song” by Natalie Grant. My alarms are: hydrated and happy / bottoms up beautiful / water queen / and looking luscious.

My plan is to have these four alarms go off each day, so that I can check in and make sure that I am on track drinking my water.

An awareness of change being needed is a big part of the battle, but also making a plan and then taking action are needed for any victory.

Now that we have talked about my drinking problem, and my plan to tackle it – how about you? Are you drinking all that you should (and what you should) these days? Especially with the holidays, it is important not to neglect ourselves.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to help me stay on track, what works for you?

Bottoms up, Amy

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Photo Credit & Blog link:

My hot peppermint tea with honey in my recycled coconut oil jar – me (I took the photo as I wrote the blog!)

Me with my water bottle by the door to our coach – me (yup, it’s a selfie)

Remember that I mentioned a blog that I included? Here is the link for it. I found it pretty interesting, maybe you will too.

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