I got all my notes together, my script and list to call. I dialed the first number and stared at the phone. Unable to make the call.

Then, I made a call and immediately hung up. They called me back – I ignored the call. I couldn’t make myself answer.


Physically unable to do it.

A picture of a person in a hoodie facing away from the camera staring at a lake, with a quote written on the picture.

“What are you doing? What is wrong with you? You are so lazy. Just get it together! You are never going to make it.”

This went on for almost 2 hours.

I was so disappointed in myself. What is wrong with me?

My self-talk plummeted. After all the work I have done on myself, here I am.

This was two weeks ago. I had decided to start making “cold-calls” for my agency instead of simply relying on organic leads (people finding me).

I was feeling really upset and down on myself. How could I be physically unable to do this? If I can’t get myself to do this – how can I possibly expect to run a successful business?

I have learned not to have my pity parties for too long – or they will do a downward spiral into depression.

So I decided to start thinking about solutions.

The calls still needed to get done. So, if I can’t make myself do them today – how can I give myself grace and still get the job done?

I hired someone on Fiverr to make some calls for me. For under $50 – I was able to send the script and info over and have someone else handle it for me.

After that – I did some digging within myself to learn what was going on with me.

I worked on reframing the negative self-talk. I spoke to Mom about it and she helped me reframe my thinking.

I have done ‘cold-calls’ before as an employee. I have even done some since I started my business. For whatever reason – that day – I had just made it too big of a deal. I had gotten in my head and allowed my emotions to get the best of me. I wasn’t building myself up with my thoughts, I was tearing myself down.

Now, I have had two successful days of making cold calls. I decided to rename them “first touch” calls or “prospecting calls” because it feels less sterile and distant than ‘cold calls’.

A woman smiling with her thumb and pointer fingers from both hands creating a box in front of her face.

I have blocked out time early in the day to make the calls and I give myself a pep talk prior. I have decided to change my thinking and remind myself that I GET to make these calls for my own business. I have decided to make the calls because I want to, not because I have to.

I am reading two really great sales books as well to help with my thinking and confidence. Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blunt and In Demand by Ryan Jaten.

I feel like I am getting better every day. And I know my future self will be grateful for these last few weeks.

This is another reminder of how important my thinking is. Have you had any experiences lately that you have needed to reframe?

How did you handle it?

XO, Jorjia

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— Both photos are from Canva.

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