The weather down here was quite delightful,

Compared to back home which was frightful.

We’d left ice, snow and freezing temperatures behind,

Came to the sunshine state to see what we’d find.

As young parents our private moments were precious and few,

So a night time stroll helped our relationship renew.

I remember like yesterday, holding your hand,

As we walked through the park, on unfrozen land.

We whispered, chatted and dreamed just us two,

It was romantic and perfect and so needed too.

Taking time for each other, for our marriage to grow,

Lingering lasting impacts that we didn’t even know.

How is it today that I can say that there were lasting impacts that we didn’t even know?

Well, there was one trip that I remember us taking those walks, it was beautiful out and there was just a light breeze.

Here it is probably 22 years later; Thursday evening, Ken and I walked out of church, the weather was perfect and there was a beautiful breeze.

Instantly floating through my mind came the memory of that trip. Of how we would put Jorjia down to bed at my mom’s place, then Ken and I would go out and walk for close to an hour. My mom and stepdad lived in a gated community with paved roads that were nicely lit.

Thursday night, I was transported to that time so many years ago. We had so many things going on at that time. Life was overwhelming and spinning a little too fast. We both talked about how we needed to make some changes and gain control of our life.

Fast forward to the moment we are walking across the sidewalk toward Ken’s truck, and he says, “It’s beautiful out! Do you know what this reminds me of?”

“What?” I ask, not expecting him to be thinking of the exact same thing as I was.

“Walking at mom’s park, those nights so long ago.”

Naturally our conversation continued – but I’m here to tell you – my heart soared.

That time had meant so much to me, and to realize it had meant so much to him as well; that he too tucked the memories away, just made me so happy. Practically giddy with the feels; I know that sounds goofy, after 30 years of marriage, but I really was.

Then it hit me. Sometimes it is in the smallest intentional moments, when we sort of stop time, that we connect on an even deeper level.

Life has so many minutes that can just whiz by, but if we grab one, we can create a moment. Who knows where that moment may lead?

Our moment lead us to moving to Florida; to staying together and fighting for our marriage during the tough times; to choosing to still be intentional in our relationship; to deciding to face each tomorrow together with a hope for a bright future.

It is so important to make moments count.

Don’t let life slip by because you are to busy to let those close to you know how much you care.

My grandmother gave me some of the best advice, she said communication is vital to a relationship. This is so true.

Just a reminder, sometimes the best communication is a quiet stroll in a gentle breeze, walking hand in hand – focusing on each other.

Sharing the feels, Amy

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Sunrise couple photo credit: Annette Sousa

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