2020 hasn’t started out the way that many of us expected. 

I am not going to downplay the seriousness of it. I am not here to discuss it. 

This post is actually to take advantage of the cards we currently have been dealt, to get you and I thinking in a positive way to come out stronger and better. 

What if we take this time in which life has taken a weird Alice in Wonderland* falling down the rabbit hole kind of twist, and utilize it to have a time of reflection? 

What do you think of when I say reflection? 

For myself, I think of looking back, and then I also think of looking in a mirror at myself. 

I am going to be honest, I seldom look in the mirror. I am not sure why. There have been times that when I do, I wish that I had done it sooner – got that spinach out of my teeth before I spoke to others! Maybe it’s this super thin crazy hair of mine that hardly ever goes the way I would like, and if it does – it certainly doesn’t stay that way long! Whatever it is, I just am not one drawn to spending time in front of a mirror. 

So why would I be writing suggesting something that I don’t do very a lot of? Well…. what if that isn’t the reflection that I am discussing? What if I am suggesting something deeper? 

Yup. Inner Reflection. 

What if the extra time that we have been given due to our ‘Stay at Home’ order were used to launch us into an intentional future? 

What if instead of feeling discouraged about being trapped in our home, we used this time to give ourselves a mini standing ovation?

What if during this forced staycation we get to know our self better and find out what really makes us tick? 

Personal and self development are so very simple to start. Simple but not easy. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s the thing – performing an internal check up is a step by step process (simple, right?) but it takes intentionality and action, and so does change. That isn’t easy. It’s so much easier to just watch the next cat video or veg out on the couch and watch one more movie. 

But, one day – this quarantine will be over. (hopefully sooner rather than later) When the quarantine is over, all of us will be able to look back at the time that we lived in a slower pace than we were accustomed to.

We may have kept our 6 foot distance, but what else did we do to make the world a better place?

Will we be proud of what we did during this time? 

Honestly, you are the only one that can answer those questions. I am asking you (and myself) these hard questions because if no one asks, we will never know. 

So, back to the Inner Reflection Questions. Consider asking yourself these questions. Then, answer them. Maybe even sit with a piece of paper and actually write the answers down. 

1. What 3 things have I done over the last 3 years that I have felt accomplishment for? (signed up for college, finished college, re-tiled the kitchen floor, lost 15 pounds, planted a garden, began exercising, learned a new language, started journaling, etc. Whatever comes to your mind.)

2. What 3 things have I wanted to do, but haven’t? Why? 

3. Am I content living life the way I am now, or is there something that I would like to change? (for example – job change, mindset change, health change.)

4. Is there a dream that keeps trying to spark that keeps getting blown out? (maybe by lack of options? lack of confidence? lack of direction or support?)

5. Am I allowing my environment to control my attitude or is my attitude controlling my environment?

After asking and answering those questions – if you are anything like me – you found out that you actually have accomplished some awesome things. Suddenly you may be feeling kind of proud of yourself. Honestly I think we get so busy in life that we overlook when we complete something. 

One thing that my mentor encouraged me was that I need to make sure that I am acknowledging each victory. So, take a moment and give yourself kudos for your accomplishments! 

Were you surprised at your answers of why you haven’t done something that you do want to do?

Now that you have gone over the questions and your answers – my suggestion would be generate a game plan to help you achieve more victories, to help you live your life to the fullest.

The Game Plan : everyone’s game plan is unique – but here is sort of a structure that can guide you along the way.

Orrin Woodward (LIFE Leadership, Best Selling Author, and many other accolades) is known for teaching PDCA. Plan out what steps need taken and put it in writing. Do the things that you planned to do. Check your results, is it working like you intended? Adjust your plans as necessary to accomplish your goals. 

  • take the time to decide where you are headed, what is it that you want to achieve?
  • plan out what it is going to take to get there.
  • find an accountability partner to help keep you on track. 
  • set some short term goals and some rewards for attaining those goals. (like a goal to lose 5 pounds in a month, and the reward is to rent a movie and relax one evening. Be careful not to set goals and rewards that don’t line up, for example: Lose 5 lbs and buy $100 worth of new clothes.)
  • set some medium term goals that will take a bit more to achieve, and set reasonable rewards for them as well. 
  • then, of course, set some long term goals and rewards. 
  • begin adding daily positive input into your life. Adding 15 minutes of quality reading a day will do wonders! (I suggest a couple of books below) Adding 1 – 3 positive motivational talks daily will turn things around quickly. 
  • connect with a community that is working on self improvement as well.

This is just a skeleton structure of a game plan, tweak it – make it yours. 

I can only suggest what I know has worked for me in the past, what I have learned about and implemented. I know that straying from being intentional with a game plan and following it leads to me being less productive and less pleased with results. (or lack thereof.)

A personal suggestion that I can make for help with a community and with accountability partners would be getting involved with LIFE Leadership. I really like the fact that LIFE Leadership welcomes customers as well as members into their community. So, you don’t have to be looking to build a business to be able to benefit. Being around the environment (now with it being all online) helps uplift and encourage so much. LIFE’s Super App includes the motivational talks as well, so that is a win-win. 

A couple of books that I can personally recommend that continue to help me (great books should be read over and over – there’s no expiration date!) would be:

PAiLS by Chris Brady (it is amazing and is a great guide for how to game plan your future)

How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling by Frank Bettger (yes, this will help someone in selling if you apply the principles BUT! I have to say this book has helped me in SO Many areas! Including homeschooling my son! It is one of my favorites) 

If you would like to know more about LIFE Leadership or to sign up as my customer, please feel free to email me. 

If you would like an accountability partner, and you don’t have one – don’t hesitate to email me – I can help. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope this was a help and an encouragement for you. We would love to hear about your victories and if this blog helped you and how.

Let’s all do our part to save the world and to improve ourselves to help make the world a better place. Love you, Amy 

*Lewis Carroll’s tale.

Photo credit: Reflection – Taylor Smith

Mask & hand sanitizer- Anshu A

Globe – Bruno Cervera

Andrew Neel – computer & notebook

Thank you for reading, following, liking and sharing this blog. It’s because of you that we do what we do. Please take care of yourself and your family during this challenging time. Wash your hands and stay safe.

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  1. Great blog! “ Let your attitude control your environment, not your environment control your attitude.” Love ya!!❤️

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