You know that thing? The one that annoys you, because it needs handled but on the priority list of life it ranks too low to get done? 

This is a recent one for me. In the hospital, in Ken’s room, <bathroom to be specific>, this toilet paper holder doesn’t stay latched closed. 

An image of a metal in wall toilet paper holder, with the cover held on by three bandaids.

This means that periodically it just pops open. 

Perhaps as one goes to sit. 

Maybe while one is sitting. 

Whatever the case may be – suffice to say it needs to be dealt with. 

Well, in a place where literally lives are being saved – fixing a toilet paper holder doesn’t exactly rank high priority. 

Here’s the thing. Every time I would go to use the restroom – this would annoy me. 

You know how it is… a voice snippily says <in your head> ‘well of course you aren’t important enough for them to fit it’ and suddenly you go from being annoyed to questioning why they don’t think you are worth it. 

(Maybe you have better mind control and you don’t dump all over yourself…)

Maybe instead you sat there extra long trying to close it just right so that it didn’t fling back open. (not that I am speaking from personal experience…)

No matter what, what I want you to understand – THIS IS TAKING UP VALUABLE TIME!! 

It is a little thing – but it is holding space that could be used for something of value. 

So fix it. Handle it. It doesn’t have to be done pretty. It just needs done. And if no one else is going to step in to do it? Just do it yourself. 

Scrabble leaders stacked saying DO IT NOW

So you’re possibly asking yourself, what does she mean? I’m not the one who has a toilet paper holder that doesn’t stay closed. ? 

No, but what is that little thing that you keep telling yourself ‘oh I need to fix that’, ‘that needs to be taken care of,’ or ‘I’m putting that on my list to take care of when I have time’? 

The question is how many times have you said that? 

How many times has it annoyed you? 

What if you just stopped and handled it?

Seriously, those little things that continually come to mind, that honestly wouldn’t even take as long to fix in some manner or finish or whatever – they add up. Often times, it doesn’t take as long to take care of as it took up space in your head each time you saw or thought of it.

I am not suggesting that you spend each day hours a day just doing the little things that don’t get you toward where you want to go, that would be a waste of time, and not helpful at all.

What I am saying though, is the things that you know are eating up more of your time by you thinking of it, or by how frustrated it makes you, or how much energy it saps – take care of it.

The feeling of accomplishment that you get, even from the little victories of removing something off of your lists, is incredible.

If you have a handful of these types of things – my suggestion would be to tackle one a day, or one every couple of days – allowing the feeling of victory to wash over you multiple times.

Why do I suggest splitting them up?

  • Most likely it will take a small amount of time to do it, so if you do them on different days – you don’t lose a whole day to little tasks.
  • By getting them done on different days – you actually step in to that feeling of victory each time – which is raising your elevation each time – causing you to have better days.
  • You may create a habit of ‘doing a little thing’ more frequently and find your life getting more organized and things completed.

Handling those little annoying items, seeing them done and off of your list, can feel so good!

Hands with nails painted holding a marker and post it note as the right hand writes DONE on the post it note

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Ok, time for me to go handle that little annoying thing, and get it off my list!

Have a great day!

Getting stuff done, Amy

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