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I have been thinking a lot about perspective and the stories that we tell ourselves. I was on Linkedin and I saw a post about how important it is to not look at the time when we wake up during the night. I read it because I found it interesting. Why shouldn’t we look at the time during the night? (Because I always look at the time when I wake up :-0 )

Turns out that the experts (Sleep Doctors) recommend never looking at the clock during the night – because seeing the time vs. how much time you have left to sleep can cause anxiety and therefore lack of sleep. Hmmm… I could totally see where this could make sense. However, it is totally opposite for me! I love looking at the time when I wake up during the night. I get excited and always think something like, “Yay! I have ‘x’ hours left to sleep!” Then I snuggle back under the covers with a smile on my face.

I know that it may seem like a small example, but isn’t it interesting how different we can look at the exact same situation? One person, looking at the clock is now unable to fall back to sleep because they are anxious about only having 2 hours left before they have to wake up. While the other person, feels excited and relieved after seeing that they have two whole hours left to sleep! Same situation – two entirely different perspectives and experiences. Can you imagine how these perspectives would trickle down into each of their days?

The other situation is my flight today. My flight leaves at 11pm this evening. I have had multiple people tell me how much that must suck, and what a rough day it will be. But its interesting – I scheduled the flights this way. I knew I would have a lot of time between when I needed to check out of the hotel and when my flight would leave.

I’m not upset about it. In fact – I am enjoying it. I have been able to take my time. The hotel gave us a late checkout of 1pm. I was able to workout in the fitness center this morning and take my time packing and getting ready. No rush and no stress. Then I got a coffee and sat by the fire working on some of the ‘big rocks’ for my business. Now I am watching the snow outside while I write this blog. It has been a great day!

Later I will head to the airport and take my time, walking around, handling the things that I need to and hopefully bringing some sunshine to some stressed out people. Because I get to decide how I was to see the world. I get to decide and act as if everything is always working out for me. So why wouldn’t I? My life is always, always, always better when I am looking for the good in every situation.

*How can you look for the good in your day?

*Will you decide that everything is always working out in your favor?

*What things can you do to change your perspective?

I love you. I hope you are having a fabulous day.

XO, Jorjia

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