Ever felt like you needed a shower after having a conversation with someone? Not because of their potty mouth, but because of all of the negative talk that they just got all over you?

Ever talk to someone that was so bright, uplifting, and positive that you went away feeling better than you did before you started talking to them?

You might think it would be pretty dumb of me to ask which conversation you preferred…

Yet, if you are really honest with yourself, and you do just a bit of soul searching, you may find that your answer isn’t what you thought it would be.

Something that I have noticed recently is that it can depend upon what I am feeling and where I am in in my own life. (Yes, even me!)

I am oftentimes ‘a bit much’, I’ve been told. A bit too cheerful, a bit too bright, a bit too happy for people sometimes; I do tend to see the glass half full, and notice the silver lining in the clouds.

Then, there are times when some thing has me in a different state. I may be just bleh, or perhaps cranky, or just downright moody. I have observed that when I am, I don’t always want to immediately talk to someone that I know will lift me right out of those icks. Occasionally, I want to just sit right down in it and get it all over me.

2 large pigs in the mud on a summer day

Now, honestly, I can’t stay that way for long. I feel so out of sorts when I am not feeling positive energy surging through me. I have had some tough situations though, where it has been a day before I got out of it.

Some people though, I see them stay in it. I see them come out a bit and then turn right back around and get back in to it.

I have wondered why.

I have even had people say that they just want to sit in their feels and they don’t want to talk to me because they know that I will get them out of it.

Isn’t that sad? Why would anyone want to just stay right there, stuck? Like pigs in the mud, covered in the ick, yet choosing not to get out of it.

It doesn’t really make sense to me. Why would anyone choose to stay unhappy, discouraged, sad, whatever the feels they are wallowing in?

Now, before any of you readers start thinking I am bashing anyone that that has a chemical imbalance that makes it a challenge for them to rise above extreme depression – please realize that I am not talking about those humans.

The humans that I speak of are those that may battle some depression, but that are more so battling the ho-hums and the ruts of life.

They honestly didn’t know any better. That could be an answer. Or, they had been like this for so long, they have no idea that there was another option. Dare I say a better option?

It doesn’t have to stay this way.

Have you ever had someone that you had only known them to be down and negative, then some sort of transformational force came over them? Suddenly they were so much more pleasant to be around?

What changed?

I personally believe it was their mindset.

You see, when our mindset changes, an extraordinary occurrence ensues. We take our power back.

Our outlook on life changes. Our attitude changes. Our focus changes. I could go on and on, because it really is like that one domino falling and knocking the whole row down.

dominos standing up in a line on a wooden table, with a woman's hand on the table with her pointer finger reaching and knocking the first domino

It takes that first step though, the finger pushing the domino as it were, to create the pressure to make the change.

Sometimes it is the smallest of reminders from a friend that can point out that we are not emitting that golden glow of positivity that we used to be. Other times, it is a self awareness that surfaces from feeling that they have been feeling bleh a lot lately, and are noticing other signs that concern them.

What are some of those signs? Being tired even though there has been enough rest, not wanting to go to work / school, feeling slightly edgy and frustrated for almost no reason, not wanting to do things that previously would have been looked forward to – all of these are signs that something needs to change.

Ok great, so now you have identified that a change is needed – but what’s next?

Just change your mindset. Simple as that.

Really, it is so simple, the problem is that It isn’t easy. (c’mon – if it were, we would all be running around happy, right?!)

It also isn’t a one time fix that is completed once and never needs revisited.

Discipline, community and education are the three components that will build the base to create a foundation of mindset that will unleash so much more power in your life.

  • Discipline – choosing what is in alignment with what you desire, even when you have to see it to get yourself to believe it. In other words imagine yourself where you want to be, and then work to get there.
  • Community – choosing to hang out with others that have a good mindset, that are moving ahead in life, that are working on improving themselves. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid others that don’t, but when possible, it is good to limit the exposure you have to negative humans.
  • Education – choosing to dive in and learn more about yourself and the power you can harness in your own life, learn more about how to implement the changes necessary, and learn more about self and personal development.

If you are interested in this, but feel like you have more questions, or want some help moving along in this direction – please email us and we will see what we can do to help.

A resource that I can offer that will help you in all three areas is Jeff Lerner’s book Unlock Your Potential – this link will give you a chance to order the book, as well as give you some other free education to learn from. So, click this link to take that next step in your journey! https://unlockyourpotentialwithjefflerner.com/opt/uyp?aff=gzr26&t=cwhblog

I have personally read the book, as well as taken the online education that they share with the purchase of the book – and I can tell you it has helped me tremendously!

A photo of Unlock Your Potential , opened to a page with a note underlined. All on a Canva content post.

Like I said, it is simple – just not easy – and that is where those 3 components can help make all of the difference.

What if you stepped in to 2023 investing in yourself and created stronger discipline, a motivated energy and the ability to learn how to implement all of this specifically geared towards your best life ever?

What if…. Amy

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2 pigs in the mud – Crispin Jones on Unsplash

dominos – Bradyn Trollip on Unsplash

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