Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday my mama,

Happy Birthday to you.



So, we did it! We threw my mom a 75th Birthday party. Party decorations were hung, an absolutely huge cake was brought in, family and friends gathered round, and we celebrated.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, the weather was nice, and mom was excited.

Thanks to so many of you, friends and family – she had begun receiving Birthday cards and well wishes, and actually is still getting a trickle of them. She also had a couple of phone calls come in. Thank you all so much for that!


Turning 75 years old is a huge milestone. If you stop a moment to reflect, it is kind of mind blowing as to the changes she has experienced. Although in 1942 many of the things we use today had already been invented, all of them have evolved in some form or another.

For example, watches have been around since 1868 (created by the Swiss) and the first watch was actually meant more as decoration with time being secondary, compared to today’s use where time is of importance, and the look adds to it.

According to Computer Hope, in their Oct. 30, 2017 issue, the “First programmable computer. The Z1 was created by German Conrad Zuse in his parent’s living room between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and the first really functional modern computer.”

Today, we have successfully integrated the watch and computer and even telephone not only into one device, but to the point that many people have them, versus it being a rarity.

My mom has been able to not only see these things change, but has also had first hand opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits.

“You are taking pictures on your phone so that you can send them to Aunt Sandy?”

Her acceptance that something like that is a reality, rather than being sad that Aunt Sandy couldn’t know for weeks what the birthday party looked like, is just one sign that not only has technology changed throughout her lifetime, but also her view of it.

It’s funny to listen to an older person when something new-fangled comes out, making disparaging comments about how it monopolizes our time and such, then to hear the tone change when the benefits are advantageous to them.

Although mom’s memory has caused her to give up her texting and her cell phone; it hasn’t interrupted her enjoyment utilizing us and ours for her needs. I know that I will never receive a text from her on her cell again, but I love the memories of when I did. I also am so happy that even though she has lost the confidence to do that, she currently retains the memory of having done it, and the pride she had for being able to.

Mom doesn’t remember much of her party, something I could dwell on and be discouraged about. Instead I choose to remember her in the moment. I remember seeing the excitement on her face as family and friends joined us. It was adorable to see the flushed pink cheeks as we all sang her Happy Birthday! I recall listening to her sister Betty laugh hysterically when mom looked around to see if Betty was still there, when she was sitting directly in front of her. I loved how her eyes teared up at some of her birthday cards.

I know that even though she may not remember moment by moment, there is a peace and contentment about her, a security that she is loved and valued. That is worth so very much.

So, to every one of you that in some manner played a part in making my mom’s 75th Birthday special, be it attending, cards, calls, or well wishes and prayers, I thank you.

Thanks, Amy

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