Did you know that you can restart your day whenever you want to?

Sunday, I had to restart my day two times before 9 o’clock in the morning! That doesn’t happen very often, but it got me thinking – I wonder how many people go through their life without even knowing that it is an option.

See, I am blessed to be an alcoholic and a drug addict in recovery – because this is one of the things that I was taught. Because if you are an alcoholic like me – we don’t have the privilege of sitting in our ‘bad moods’ and resentments for very long. Because when I sit too long in my own crap – I start to act out, and eventually my mind will tell me it would be a good idea to have a drink. Then all hell breaks loose.

But I realized that there is a whole world of people out there that may be completely unaware of the fact that you don’t have to continue having a bad day if you don’t want to.

I don’t want to let a bad moment, or a bad feeling turn into a bad day. I simply don’t have the time or the mental energy for it. Plus, why should I waste my time on a bad day when I have the choice to turn it around!

Here are the 3 main ways that I use to restart my day and get back into the right headspace:

  1. Prayer – I ask God to help me. I thank Him for having the ability to come to him at any time and for any reason. I thank Him for self-awareness, and if the reason I am needing to reset is because someone else ticked me off – I pray for them. I pray for God to help them, to give them peace and to help them to feel His love. I ask for His help to love them and for Him to reveal to me what I can do to be of service to them.
  2. Meditation – I actually took 10 minutes and did this on my break. I sat outside to eat my breakfast and I put in my headphones and listened to a 10-minute meditation on YouTube. YouTube is my number one resource for meditations. They have literally everything. Meditation doesn’t have to be through music or someone talking you through it though. You can also just focus on something – like a flame, or the leaves – anything.
  3. Gratitude lists – This one is huge for me. Gratitude lists tend to get my back in the right mindset very quickly. I snuck in the bathroom with my phone on Sunday and just listed out 15 things I was grateful for. It is really difficult to stay angry and upset when you turn your mind on to all of the things that are good in your life. It is simple and easy – but so vital to my mentality. You don’t have to write it down, you can list the things in your head. But for me, there is something powerful in physically writing and seeing my list.

What things do you do to reset when you are having a hard time?

The last time you had a bad moment, did you let it turn into a bad day, or did you nip it in the bud?

Did you know you can choose what kind of day you want to have?

XO, Jorjia

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