Today we could certainly use a trained monkey to help us out. Michael took out the video drone to relax after knocking out some pretty intense lessons in school, unfortunately it had a mind of its own and took off for a tree! Michael’s creativity and determination in rescuing the drone was unparalleled. I have to admit I was impressed with his dedication. The picture shows one of his attempts.


He attached a long rope to a basketball and threw it to try to have it come down above the branch the drone was on, to be able to shake the branch and free the drone. As I watched him diligently trying to free it from the tree; I realized how simple it would be if we just had a trained monkey that could climb right up and retrieve it!

This thought then led me into other thoughts of the benefits of having a trained monkey.

I mean really, can’t you imagine how much simpler life could be? Let’s name our monkey Sam.



You worked all day, now you are home, and laundry needs done, the floor needs vacuumed and dinner needs made, and the phone is ringing. What if Sam could answer the call and take a message, handle the laundry and vacuuming and you could just get dinner together?


Or another scenario – the baby is fussy and wants to play ‘throw it off the high chair and you pick it up’ and you are trying to help the other child with homework. No problem, Sam plays with the baby. Or, when the dog needs walked, and your just too tired? c76139d4-cffd-4ecc-b027-311e4dcad2ca

Sam can retrieve the lost drone, occupy the baby, help with housework, reach under the bed to get whatever rolled away, help entertain the children; so many ways that Sam can come to the rescue. If only….

Often times we can look at our circumstances and wish that outside help were available to solve our problems for us. That help could come some times in a physical form, other times just a suggestion of how to best solve our situation. We think such assistance would be gladly accepted.

Yet, how often is it, when someone comes along and tries to offer a solution, often times we refuse and thank them for their offer, but we say we are ok.

Really? What is it about human nature that causes us to refuse help and yet complain that our circumstance doesn’t change?

I will be really honest here, I am one of those personalities that when someone comes to me and complains of things that are going on, I have to give them solutions. I know what they should do, and they’re in need, so I’m trying to help.  What is weird, as I’ve been more and more around people, I’ve come to realize most of them don’t understand how brilliant my answers are. Truthfully, they seem to even think that it is just a suggestion, and that I don’t even know that it will work! And then even after me telling them what they should do, they don’t do it! And then they simply complain more without changing anything. I just don’t get it. (You may be laughing, possibly even rolling your eyes, thinking ‘oh my, does she really even think that way?’)  Well, I will tell you actually …. yes. I did.

Before personal development entered my life, I honestly did think that way. Most times I wouldn’t say it, but sometimes my expression would, even if I wasn’t aware of it.

Then I began to read and study and learn more about myself and others. I also began to question and seek more.

I learned that oftentimes it wasn’t what I said, it was more how I said it. Instead of in love and kindness, it was kind of ‘know-it-all’ and that is never the right attitude.

One thing I have come to recognize is that God never comes across in a ‘know-it-all’ manner, even though He actually does know everything. He comes in love.

I think Psalm 46:1 (ESV) ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’, gives me the most comfort and security and is a great example.

691bc571-ea00-438a-96c1-515d660c35b9Think about that, ‘very present help’ – like a right there – beside me – right now – always. That’s comforting.

As for security, ‘refuge and strength’ mean to me a place I can run to – hide in – be protected; that I can depend upon His strength when I feel that I have none.

So, why is it, with human nature that we don’t automatically come to Him for help? Why don’t we let others in to see our pain and help us?

I think it’s a matter of pride, (ok, can’t help it – the Lion King song just totally popped into my head – you know, the one with Scar and the hyenas?!) a sense of feeling that it is weak to seek help.

But honestly, it takes strength to admit weakness, and sometimes it is in that moment that we gain the strength to overcome what seemed like insurmountable challenges.

So even though a trained monkey might be kinda fun and cool to have around, don’t overlook the tools that we do have to help us through not only the big stuff, but also the day to day.

God’s word, prayer, praise, and the right association are the prescription for making it through the stressful times. Remember, God Loves you and sees you where you are at. He is right there, present with you, ready to help in times of need. Just call on Him.

Praying for you, Amy


Photo info:

I enjoyed seeing some of the creative images online! I borrowed some for this blog and want to throw out some credits of where I got them.


Dog & Monkey : James & Pankun posted by Natalia Olivera Pintrest


Monkey on phone: Posted by Captain Ghoulardi on Pintrest


Peace drawing : Liyin the Designer-in-Pajamas posted on Pintrest

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  1. Oh yes a trained Monkey indeed. I thought I would have “trained monkeys” once the kids got older. But they had different plans. Like “ What take out the trash? Umm no that’s three minutes of my life I will never get back”. (Shane). “What clean my bedroom? You do it you always said it’s still your house, and I know no one is going to see it”. (Jen)

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