Some days just don’t start going the way we want them to. Did you know that it doesn’t mean we are stuck going that way?

We have the ability to change direction, we don’t have to stay feeling ‘meh’ or ‘blah’ or ‘sad’ or even ‘moody’. It doesn’t just happen though. It takes work. 

Step 1 – realize that we are feeling less positive, happy or whatever our chosen state is. 

Step 2 – decide that we want to change. Yes, it really is a decision. Honestly, our feels – our choice, we don’t have to change. 

Step 3 – choose how we are going to change. There are so many tools available for us to make that change: breathing techniques, activity implementation, sensory stimulation, talking with friends, singing, laughing and whatever your imagination leads you to. 

Step 4 – intentionally applying what you choose. Yup. It takes doing something for something to be done. You can’t just choose something and expect results. 

Step 5 – repeating as necessary until it sticks.  It doesn’t always change immediately, sometimes you have to keep repeating it, in fact, sometimes you may even need to add something else to get the change to take place and hold. 

Quote - Claim it. Create it. Then you will feel it, the feels don't always come before you have achieved it. - Ms Amy May

I don’t believe in the ‘fake it until you make it’ but I do believe in the ‘Claim it. Create it. Then you will feel it, the feels don’t always come before you have achieved it.’ I know that I can choose a different mindset, and then create that mindset. 

Amy dangling upside down with her hair crazy, and a laugh on her face.

The photo of me? Looking all joyous and carefree? I was shifting my direction at that moment. My day had not been going as I thought it should. My psoriasis is in flare and I even had a hard time taking a photo because of it. I noticed that I was feeling ‘bleh’ and that I didn’t want to stay that way. 

So, I went outside and sat on the swing and I swung and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and I shifted my mindset. 

Did the flare go away? Nope. The thing is, it wouldn’t have gone away even if I was feeling icky and sad. So, why stay in the feels that I don’t enjoy? 

Life is to be lived, why not choose to live it in a way that we enjoy it? 

What do you do to shift your direction? 

Feel free to message me if you would like some more suggestions on how to shift your mindset. 

Changing my mind, Ms Amy

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Amy upside down hair – me 😁 

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