I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to be alive right now. The access that I have to people and information right now is unmatched at any other point in history.

Only now can we hang out with billionaires, experts and gurus for little to no money.

Only now can we literally change our association with the click of a few buttons.

I was talking to Mom the other day about this exact topic. Have you heard the quote by Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“?

How cool is it that you can choose those 5 people by listening to their podcasts, consuming their social media and reading their books?

We can quite literally change our whole lives by ‘spending time’ with people that we would otherwise have zero access to!

I know that there are pros and cons to technology and how it can negatively effect our social skills and yada yada yada. BUT – I also know that we can decide to use it for our benefit! We can decide to listen to podcasts, audio book and videos that will help us build our relationships, lives and social skills. We can use it to build our inspiration. We can use it to build ourselves and others up.

Since coming to this realization – I have decided to become even more intentional about the information I am consuming and people I am (virtually) spending my time with. I’ll list my top 5 people and podcasts below – in case you care to join my in my association.) =)

I’ve decided that I will spend as much time with these creators as possible to raise my own vibrations and thinking. Because – I deserve it. And I am doing myself and the world a disservice if I waste my potential. So are you.

So, let’s intentionally step up our mindset and our association.

Here are my current top 5 people/podcasts:

  1. Amanda Frances – And She Rises
  2. Jeff Lerner – Unlock Your Potential
  3. Hilary Russell – MKTG Mastermind
  4. Alex Hormozi – The Game
  5. Chris Voss – Never Split the Difference (Book)

Full Transparency – I am an affiliate for Jeff Lerner’s school (Entre Institute) and Amanda Frances (Money Mentality Makeover!). I am not currently an affiliate for the other creators. (More info below on affiliate offers).

What do you think about associating via podcasts and books?

Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with?

How has your association impacted you?

Thank you for associating with us! <3



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