One of my friends was discussing how they couldn’t believe someone they knew had hired help for doing things around the house like cleaning and such. They had hired someone to do tasks that the person was fully capable of performing.

They said that was ridiculous, and then they asked if I thought it was a frivolous expense.

Here is my response and my reasons why.

“Oh no, I’m one of those that hires out when possible! I don’t think it is frivolous at all.”

You see, there are certain things that only I can do & then there are things that anyone can do. By utilizing someone else, I can leverage my time better.

Anyone can clean my floor, do my laundry or weed my flower beds; but only I can deal with this mountain of paperwork on care for mom and getting her the help she needs. Or perhaps so that I can visit with her when we can, or spend time with my husband or kids. Or another example is that I am the one who can work at building my digital business, while someone else does my mundane tasks for me.

I have learned that while ‘I can do all things with Christ who gives me strength’ is so accurate- it doesn’t mean ‘I have to do all things’! It means do the things that have the most value and take care of myself so that I can be the best me that I can!

One day out driving, I saw a sign that says ‘God knows your load limit’. It made me laugh – and realize that while He does – sometimes I try to go over that limit and then grumble when I am too overloaded!

Learning to delegate, whether it is a paid helper, family or friend is vital; especially if you are a caregiver, or are building a business, or are doing something that requires a large chunk of your time.

For the average person that is an employee and isn’t involved in much outside of work maybe that isn’t the case. Of course there are always exceptions, but as a rule, they generally don’t need help to keep up with daily living. Now, does that mean that it is wrong or frivolous for them to hire someone? As far as I’m concerned, if they want to spend their money that way – go for it.

You see, when someone is hired for an odd job, they are able to serve and yet get paid. This is a good thing. Perhaps they are a stay at home parent and the ability to work a few hours here and there contributes to the Christmas savings, vacation savings or even saving for a new vehicle.

This stimulates the economy. When people work, and get paid, there is a sense of pride. When the money is tied to an end goal, and then it is achieved, the sense of pride is even stronger.

All of this could come to an end, though.

The Biden Administration is working on pushing through a new tax law, one that is designed to take from the wealthy to give to the poor. The law is the American Families Plan.

(Note here – please do research yourself about this. I am merely stating my point, and wanting you to choose your own opinion about this law).

I read in,, and bloomberglaw about the proposal and I’m very concerned about it passing.

While some may feel the law is a benefit for lower income families, because it promises that the wealthier families will pay more in taxes which the government will then pump that money into childcare and education; it also says that the changes will cost a lot in the beginning. It is explained that new systems will need to be put in place, new people hired and trained and more paperwork to be done. Where are these people going to come from? Currently where I live in Florida, there are signs up asking for patience because of short staffing in almost every type of business out here.

Next, this law will require banks to report any financial movement of $600.00 or more. Many of you may already be aware of the $10,000 rule. If someone deposits $10,000 into the bank, they must fill out forms and report it. This new law would change it to $600.00. That even means (at this point – it does mention that they are trying to figure out how this will work) that if you have been saving money in your savings, and then transfer it to your checking to purchase something – it will need reported. What?!

I realize that a portion of the reason the Biden Administration is wanting to push this through is because at this time there really isn’t anything much in place with crypto currency. That is another thing that is on the agenda with this proposal. Ways to track and tax crypto. It was also mentioned that this is going to require a lot of manpower to solve. June 18, 2021 in their 2021-1226 issue brings up an attention grabber. It says that only 5% of business income is misreported. Whereas in other business areas up to 50% is misreported.

What concerns me about all of this, is that instead of choosing where they want to bless people – this law will essentially take the wealthy people and apply their income to upgrading the current system, education system and childcare.

How many of you have dreamed of making it big? Dreamed of hitting the lotto, writing that best selling novel, creating a profession that generates millions?

Now, if you do, realize that with this law, you will lose a portion of your freedoms. Your money will be taxed, even more than it currently is.

The next question I have, is what happens when it gets to the point that being wealthy in America isn’t worth the battle anymore? Then what?

Wealthy people donate, wealthy people hire others to do their tasks for them, wealthy people play a large part in the financial health of this nation.

Don’t forget the middle income families. Those that are fighting to stay ahead, those that are out there working. Many of them are the essentials out there that we depend upon. This American Families Plan will hit them as well. Banks reporting what is in our savings as well as our checking, any movement of more than $600.00, all of this will affect the middle and upper class.

How will this help the lower class? I don’t believe it will help any of us.

Suddenly the odd jobs that the lower class person was helping me out with, will be pulled away because I can’t afford them, and will choose not to hire them. They will then not have the extra cash flow to help them and will just be even more dependent upon the government to help them out. Thus never getting the chance to get out of the lower class and move up to the middle class. Honestly, why would the want to? It will mean less freedoms.

This leveling of the financial playing field is dangerous. When it isn’t beneficial to be wealthy, people will stop chasing that dream. When they stop – the world stops.

I am Concerned, Amy

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