In the year 2020, many begged for time to speed up, to get us in to 2021 and out of the craziness we were living in. It was as if we believed that if the calendar changed – so too would our circumstance. Funny, isn’t it? As if wishing time away could happen, and if it did, that things would get better.

Now, here it is the beginning of September 2021, and I hear so often – I can’t believe how quick this year has gone!

So, did the momentum speed up and now is recklessly racing toward 2022?

Crazy question?

 Or is it?

Perhaps time may not have strayed from it’s consistent trek throughout eternity – but I feel as if we, as humans are speeding up again; possibly as much if not more than before the pandemic shut the world down.

Did we learn nothing during those endless hours, days, weeks and months of quarantine?

We were given a reset. An opportunity to look over our lives and decide if the path we were on was leading us to the oasis of our dreams; or to the reality of a nightmare.

Some changed their trajectory and are pursuing completely different futures – but is it still at the same breakneck speed?

I observe people around me in a frenzy, a rush to the next thing and I wonder – am I doing the same?

There’s a song written by Diane Warren, sung by Cher called, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’.

Take a moment to listen to it, or read over the lyrics. I did.

While it’s a song about a love story gone wrong, I can literally relate it to my relationship with myself. How harsh I’ve been at times, demanding so much from myself and expecting perfection.

During my quarantine, I would tell myself that it would be better this time, when I got back out there – that I would make sure to remain present and self aware.

Then I would get back out, running for the dollar and trying to squeeze 30 hours into my 24 hour day. I would whisper lies to myself, just another day or 2 like this, then I will take care of me.

Then BAM! Something would happen to bring me to a screeching stop. First I would be shocked, then I would realize that I had overdone it and brought this upon myself.

Again I would promise myself next time would be different.

Today, I have stopped and looked fully at myself. The path I am on, racing recklessly toward my expiration date – is that really what I want?

I hope, my reader and friend, that it doesn’t shock you that I speak of my expiration date. I know that I have one, and I know that if I want to leave a legacy, that I only have the time between now and then to do it. What this means to me is that I need to stop wasting those precious hours on the mindlessness and invest them into what matters.

I need to slow down and focus.

Focus. It reminds me of a line in the show It’s Tough To Be A Bug at Animal Kingdom. Flik, the main character asks parents to remind children that magnifying glasses are to see little things, not for burning little things.

When I am dialed in and fully focused, whatever I focus on – that is where the intensity is. So, if I am scattered everywhere – chasing fleeting moments, nothing gets intensity.

On the other hand, if I know exactly what I want the outcome to be, then everything that doesn’t line up with it, I can easily say no to. We can do that, you know?

We can say No.

So instead of racing around trying to do everything, I can look at my life and pick the things that matter most and that are inline with my plan and purpose to accomplish what my heart desires.

Suddenly, time slows, life comes back in to focus, my heart rate settles. Finally, I am reaching for the stars, to give them all to you – my dream, my legacy, my purpose. 

Thanks for your time, Amy

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Sands of Time – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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