I had never left a job the right way before. I always just quit showing up or kept calling out until they got the hint. This time I wanted to do it the right way. I turned in my two weeks’ notice and finished out the two weeks. I am so glad I did. My last day was incredible. The amount of love that I felt was staggering.

Since I left, I have had customers call me and tell me how weird it is not seeing me there. I have gotten to see and hear the difference that I made while I was there, just by being kind and showing love. Remember my blog about smiling? I have at least half a dozen people tell me that they miss my smiling face.

I have covered a few shifts since I quit, and when I see the regular customers come in, they are genuinely happy to see me. My old coworkers tell me that they miss working with me.

I didn’t see it while I was there, but I really did make an impact while I was there. A positive impact. Now I can see how selfish I had been in the past, just disappearing. I know how I feel when someone just disappears out of my life, I wonder what happened to them – if they are okay, where they went. It feels easier in the moment, no conflict or confrontation – but in the end its highly unfair to everyone. You are robbing them of the ability to participate in your life and robbing yourself of the love and pride you can feel when you make changes the right way.

The feeling of being able to walk out of there with my head held high, not ashamed of anything was beautiful. I am becoming someone that I can be proud of and that is a high you can’t buy anywhere.


Have you ever just disappeared?

Have you left a job or situation the right way?

When was a time that you got to see the positive impact you made?

XO, Jorjia

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  1. I always have ended up either leaving in ways you described, or make a super ridiculous dramatic exit. Its been over a year since I had a regular job, although I did just quit a job working from home last month. I cant seem to handle the slightest bit of pressure or stress, I just break.

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