Sniffles and coughs.

Sore throat and tissues.

Aches and pains.

Chills and sweats.

Blanket and snuggles.

As much as I don’t like to see my son feeling sick, it still touches my mama heart that he wants me near him. At 17 years old, that isn’t always the case.

This morning when I came back from checking on my mom, I found him cuddled up on my bed with ‘Myno’ my stuffed Rhinoceros and dozing.

I quietly sat near him on the bed, gently playing with his hair, relishing the quiet time with him. Praying over him and just being near. As parents that is often the most important thing we can do.

As I sat there, listening to his deep breathing, I was transported in time back to when he was just a toddler. Remembering when this bundle of energy would snuggle up next to me and cuddle when he didn’t feel well or when he was super sleepy.

His sweaty forehead pressed against me, and his arm clutching whatever stuffed animal had earned the good graces to be dragged around that day; I would linger in the moment of stillness and enjoy holding my little man.

Now looking at this 6+ foot tall young man, it’s hard to believe he was ever so small.

As my mom likes to say, they grow so fast. Cherish the time we have with them, it goes so quickly.

He begins to stir, and sleepily looks up at me. His blue eyes showing just how horrible he is feeling.

Sniffles and coughs.

Sore throat and tissues.

Aches and pains.

Chills and sweats.

Blanket and snuggles.

You know how it goes, when one gets sick and brings it home, it begins to work itself throughout the family.

I ask him if he would like some juice and oregano? He barely nods and I slip off the bed and head for the kitchen.

Oregano oil pills are a staple in our house. We take them when we know that we will be exposed to potential illness, or we take them if any of us are beginning to feel sick. It seems to help our immune system to fight illness.

We aren’t really a family that drinks orange juice every morning, but when we are dealing with the creepy crude – we hit that vitamin C!

I generally have boxes of tissues stacked in the closet knowing it’s possible that we will need the extra tissues for cold season. I would much rather have some on hand than have to head to the store when I only feel like jammies and snuggles.

Another necessity in our home is the ‘heat sock’ is a cloth tube filled with rice that we warm in the microwave and place wherever will give the most relief – often the neck or chest.

I warm the heat sock and hand it to him, then give him the juice and oregano, and settle next to him to snuggle and comfort as he dozes off again.

One day this young man will have a wife to ease him through feeling miserable, but for the moment this mama still is needed and she’s glad that he wants her near.

Honestly this blog is from months ago when Michael was fighting a cold. But as things go, I got it started and then managed to catch it as well, the blog got pushed aside for tissues and juice, and I just came back across it.

The seasons are changing and I’m sure the sniffles will be coming around, so I decided to send this reminder along. I know as parents, it’s hard when the household gets infected – but I wanted to remind us all to not be so frustrated that we forget how good it feels to be taken care of. These moments with our children can be few and far between with our hectic lives – so please make the most of the ones you can.

I know being sick is yucky, but what’s your favorite memory of not feeling well as a child?

Does your family have any special remedies?


God Bless You, Amy

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Photo credit:

Michael sleeping – me

Tissues …. Kelly Sikkema

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