Have you ever had that conversation with a five-year-old? You know, the one where you make a comment or statement and they ask “why?” You explain it they ask “why” again? You may continue to explain or you may get frustrated and brush it off. But no matter how many answers you give them, they continue to ask why. Are you picturing that conversation? The little one, tugging on your shirt incessantly, refusing to be ignored?

I’m looking at our world today and I’m wondering at what age do we lose that search for answers? At what age do we begin take the statements that are given to us at face value without questioning them? When do we begin to push down and lock away that curiosity, that hunger for the truth?

This isn’t a political statement or post. I’m not going to share my views or ask you what yours are. My only goal here is to may
be reignite that flame of curiosity. To maybe get us thinking with our own minds rather than just taking whatever is being fed to us, by whomever is feeding it.

When did I stop thinking for myself? At what point did I stop asking why and start just blindly going along with whatever was told to me? Whether it be politics, gender identity, what feminine or masculine looks like, what a family should look like, who someone should love, what religion I should have, what should make me happy, what success looks like. Maybe it’s time for me to be more childlike, to question things, to think for myself. Maybe it’s time for me to make my own choices. It’s time for me to reignite that childlike curiosity, that search for more. Maybe it is time for you too.

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