How I left Uber for the Stage

Yes, you did read that right. In this blog I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how I stepped out of the car and onto the stage. As many of you know the story that Jorjia and I started this blog five years ago. And throughout the time with this blog I […]

Covid Stole Our Etiquette!

Have any of you noticed our etiquette is missing? I believe Covid stole it! Ever since the world began to open back up – from where it was shut down for the pandemic, I have seen more and more signs of this. Let me give you some examples that I have noticed as an Uber/Lyft […]

Buying Back Time

Errands are many, moments are few; Short cuts are necessary, what do I do? To buy back my time is a fabulous plan, But how do I do it, I’m not sure I can. WalMart to the rescue, saving my day, I shop in my jammies, last night – my way. Then budget the quick […]

Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen. I believe all of us recall hearing this as a small child. As well as certainly telling our own children to stop, look, and listen. Most likely when you read the title and even began reading this blog you thought of crossing the road. I do not blame you at all. Because […]

Thank You – Yes YOU!!

What an honor and privilege it is to see and hear how many lives God is affecting through our Conquer With Hope blog. Jorjia and I are both touched by how many of you follow us, comment, and even speak with us about how the things that we write touch you and encourage you. I […]

3/4 Century Birthday

  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my mama, Happy Birthday to you.     So, we did it! We threw my mom a 75th Birthday party. Party decorations were hung, an absolutely huge cake was brought in, family and friends gathered round, and we celebrated. It was a beautiful day, […]

Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

Are you kidding me? In the most magical place on earth, walking amongst all of the hustle and bustle and happiness one can imagine, I see a man carrying an infant in a front baby pouch. This infant looks to be so small that he/she can not even hold up their head for more than […]