Parenting Wins and Fails

This weekend mom and I got to celebrate my kids’ 16th birthday! We live in different states – so we drove to see them and celebrate. On the way there, we received some news that my Nana wasn’t doing well. We needed to let the kids know, but didn’t want to do it until we […]

Recommitting to Excellence

Hi Friends,  I haven’t written a blog in ages. When Mom and I started this blog we made a commitment to you and to each other, that we would post every week. We decided to create this space because we want to change the world. We want to live and love, help others and spread […]

Shopping Without Mom

I ordered some new things for my mom on Amazon. Her assisted living is nice, and she has the ability to have her own things there and make it sort of her own. She isn’t able to go shopping anymore, and while I may be able to get her focused enough for a moment to […]

Don’t Judge My Relationship

So, I met the person of my dreams. He is honest and loyal. Compassionate and forgiving. He loves me for exactly who I am and encourages me to become who I am supposed to be. He is always there when I need him and never acts disappointed in me – even though I continue to […]

Happy 4th Birthday Conquer With Hope Blog!!!

I reflect back on when Jorjia and I talked about creating Conquer With Hope. Life was certainly different then! It was funny, Jorjia and I both felt led to write a blog, and we were kind of nervous about approaching each other, because unbeknownst to us – we both felt led to write one and […]

Taste and See

Warm, inviting, just the right taste of cinnamon, the flavor of zucchini permeating the moistness of the bread, making it the perfect complement to a nice hot breakfast beverage. Then the over easy egg, the gooey yolk flowing across the plate and absorbing into the coffee cake. The firmness of the egg white, covered with […]

Two Weeks Notice

I had never left a job the right way before. I always just quit showing up or kept calling out until they got the hint. This time I wanted to do it the right way. I turned in my two weeks’ notice and finished out the two weeks. I am so glad I did. My […]