Hi Friends, 

I haven’t written a blog in ages. When Mom and I started this blog we made a commitment to you and to each other, that we would post every week. We decided to create this space because we want to change the world. We want to live and love, help others and spread kindness. 

But then life gets busy, I procrastinate, other things seem more urgent to deal with. Time goes on and here we are. Possibly a year later – with me leaving Mom to handle all the posts. 

Every time I thought about coming up with something to post, I would feel overwhelmed and ashamed that I had gotten so far behind. 

I guess maybe that is why people renew their marriage vows, to keep their commitment to one another at the forefront?

Anyways, I was listening to my daughter yesterday and she was talking about school. Due to a lot of circumstances, many of which were outside of her direct control – she had gotten very behind in her schoolwork. The end of the schoolyear is approaching, the deadline for missing assignments looming over her head. She sat down and calculated how much she still had left to do – and in 1 week she completed over half of her missing assignments and brought ALL of her grades up to above passing! 

My kids are so determined, I am beyond blessed. It reminded me that we can always decide to do things differently and act on that decision.

So, here I am acting on that decision. I will spread hope, kindness and love in this world. 

I will write to you consistently moving forward. I will continue to strive towards my purpose. 

And… Because I am my Mother’s daughter; I have some success principles to share from this story. 

  1. 1. Get uncomfortable – I tend not to make changes until I am too uncomfortable to stay the same. 
  2. 2. Make a decision – I have to decide where I am going.
  3. 3. Commit to Accountability – I give a select few people permission to keep me accountable to my decisions. 
  4. 4. Follow through – Here I am writing to you, which I recommitted to last week. 😉 

Thank you for your patience with me. 

Very truly yours, 


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. It’s ok to get back up after you fall (figuratively speaking).

  2. Awesome stuff. I really like it. It was vulnerable and determined. We tend to get lazy on ourselves especially when things unexpected happen I just in the past two weeks experience two deaths and had two funerals to go to last weekend and on top of that. My mom got a serious infection in her finger. Which she got under control but the last time something like this happened she got septic shock and it almost killed her. But I finally got my shit together and now I’m back on my game. Actually I feel like I am 2 steps a head of where I was two in half weeks ago. I have grown because of this experience. So all failures and experiences in life are learning objectives and its how we choose to approach them that will determine our destiny!!

    1. Thank you, Andrew! My condolences for the deaths you’ve experienced. I am also sorry to hear of your Mom’s infection.
      I love your outlook on turning challenges into opportunities for growth. It’s all about our perspective. 💕 keep up the good work, we are rooting for you!

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