The first time that Jorjia and I heard the saying that the only one that truly takes a new measure of a man is a tailor, was at a leadership convention. We both thought that statement was extremely profound. Today I was thinking about the fact that it’s not even just others that don’t take a measure of us as we grow and learn and change, but often times even ourselves fail to as well.


I was talking with a good friend today and as he was describing his journey through this challenging illness that he is battling; we noticed in our conversation that he is doing better, that he’s no longer taking naps like he had to. There was a time that he could not get through even part of the day without a nap. This frustrated him so much!  He’s always been a very active person, very independent taking care of himself, and his family. Not being able to do the things he was accustomed to doing, and relying on so much extra sleep to only wake up feeling just as exhausted as when he laid down, was definitely difficult for him. But as we were talking today he had spoken of working out in his yard and doing a garden. He had said that he would have to do the rototiller for just a row or so and then sit down for five minutes before he could do it again. He admitted that having to rest so often was annoying. I understood what he was saying, and it wasn’t even in till later in the conversation, as we were starting to get off of the phone, that I said, “Oh my and you didn’t get a chance to nap!” He had mentioned that he was going to another meeting right after we were off the phone. This is when he said that he didn’t take naps, that he hadn’t been taking them for a while. I exclaimed, “You are doing better!” And I could hear the surprise in his voice, when he realized that yes, he must be doing better.

Another time I was talking with Michael, about school. As we were talking about what he was working on and what he had accomplished that day, I could see his discouragement in thinking that he hadn’t done that awful much. I was able to point out to him that the types of lessons that he was doing were so much more than what he had been doing before. I pointed out how good his grades were, and how much that he was accomplishing on his own. His eyes brightened as he realized, yes, that’s true!

So often in this journey of life, we don’t consider the changes in growth that we ourselves are doing.

One of the things that I love about LIFE Leadership is the association that we have with other like-minded individuals that are working on growing and learning, constantly changing and seeking to improve themselves. Those that embark on the personal development trail do it for a variety of reasons, and benefit in so many areas with the results.

My husband got involved with the information because he was noticing that he wasn’t remembering names as easily as he used to. This concerned him, and he came to me asking what I was doing different. He said that he noticed that I was doing better at remembering names and remembering things that were going on even when we were super busy. He wanted to know what to do. So, I set him off on his own journey of self-directed education. For a while, he was reading every morning that he wasn’t working. d98c9148-10c2-45f1-975d-e762f40f7f33Often times I would come in to find him sitting in his chair reading. Seeing that made my heart so happy. I don’t know about you, but, I think that there is something incredibly attractive about someone who is striving to become a better person to grow and learn more. Ken also began listening to Rascal Radio, a positive self-development app. He began noticing that there was a difference with positive information helping him to remember more, as well as how to deal with situations in a different way, and also that it completely changed the way he looked at things.


I would have to say that Jorjia does so much better than most anyone I know of ‘measuring’ herself. I love to be in conversation with her and hear her explain how different she is now from where she was. She’s continually doing what Orrin Woodward has termed ‘PDCA’. Plan, Do, Check and Adjust. I think the saying ‘I may not be where I want to be, but I’m certainly better than I used to be’ is an excellent way to describe her!

Pointers that I have learned watching my daughter would be to plan out the week, do the8851df8a-abe7-4b7c-89e0-af44f40373e3 things you planned, check the results as you go along to make sure you are accomplishing what you want, and adjust as necessary. Jorjia accomplishes so much more than many young ladies her age, because of this intentionality. But not only that, I feel that because she holds the bar high for herself and then rewards herself for her accomplishments; she is able to accurately take assessment of herself and continue to become the person she’s meant to be.


I sometimes get discouraged with myself, feeling that I am not doing so well; and Jorjia will jump right in and remind me of how far I have come! I am so thankful to have her in my life to be ‘my tailor’ when I need it.


First Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another And build one another up, just as you are doing.


Who do you have helping you remember to take measure of yourself periodically?


Who do you have encouraging you and building you up?


Immeasurably yours, Amy

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