I have been learning from a lot of people lately. One of the people I have been learning from is Amanda Frances (xoamandafrances on all the social medias). Mom and I are taking her Money Mentality Makeover course right now. It’s incredible!

But one of the things that I am learning how to do is to relax and accept support. Support from others, support from the universe, support from money. (As a recovering control freak, this can be especially difficult.) I often feel the need to take the reins and do things myself, my way.

But I have been actively practicing accepting and being grateful for help and support.

Sometimes – it is as simple as saying “thank you” and feeling supported when someone holds the door for me.

Sometimes, it’s allowing someone to compliment me – and not arguing with them in my head about why they are wrong or what their motives are.

Part of the Conquer’s A-Team! (From left: Erica, Jorjia, Hilary, Amy, Evelyn)

This past weekend – it was stepping back and watching the incredible team put the event together.

Strategize Your Victories was our baby. We had thought and planned and waited for this day. We poured our blood sweat and tears into it.

Friday evening we had people arriving from all over the country. Showing up for us. Showing up to serve. Showing up to support.

At the event, I caught myself pausing to look around – to notice all of the little things that our team was doing. Some of them – we had never even met in person – and yet they seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. And I trusted them.

It felt incredible to be so fully supported. It’s amazing how much love, support and laughter we got to experience. It’s unbelievable how seamlessly everyone worked together.

They bought into our vision and they jumped on board.

I could not ever fully express the gratitude and love that I feel. I will absolutely be stepping more into receiving and allowing people to support. I am letting the reins hang a bit looser – because it seems that things turn out much better when I don’t take control of them.

How are you allowing yourself to be supported?

Can you remember a moment where you felt completely secure and supported?

What are you scared will happen if you let go of some of the control?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you.

XO, Jorjia

Oh! We are still selling digital copies of the event! For a limited time – it’s yours for $20.18. Info on https://conquerwithhope.com/digital-access-information

Thank you for reading, attending, following, liking and sharing. We wouldn’t be us without you. ❤️

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