Just One More Drink

Getting that unexpected call during the night made my heart pound. I instantly began to wonder what was wrong. The voice on the other end of the line was sobbing uncontrollably. My chest tightened. “I’m so sorry mommy. I am so sorry. I can’t stop mom. I can’t.” My heart sank. Terror filled me. My […]

When A Plan Comes Together….

Here’s a bit of story, a little jaunt down memory lane, showing that God knows more than we do and that He has plans in place. This tale was from around 20 years ago. It was while we were living in Ohio, before we moved to Florida. We had traveled down for vacation and stayed […]

Hit The Reset Button!

Did you know that you can restart your day whenever you want to? Sunday, I had to restart my day two times before 9 o’clock in the morning! That doesn’t happen very often, but it got me thinking – I wonder how many people go through their life without even knowing that it is an […]

Tears Falling Like Rain

I had planned to do Shipt Shopping. The wisdom of it certainly wasn’t there, as my best friend pointed out – I had been to the chiropractor two times the previous day because of the pain and discomfort that I was in. But stubborn as I am, when Ken kindly suggested that I take some […]

Trained Monkeys Needed!

Today we could certainly use a trained monkey to help us out. Michael took out the video drone to relax after knocking out some pretty intense lessons in school, unfortunately it had a mind of its own and took off for a tree! Michael’s creativity and determination in rescuing the drone was unparalleled. I have […]

Dear God

Dear God, Today as I was reflecting on my life, I can see where you have always been there – fighting for me. It is amazing to think about the times that I was so angry with you, I thought I hated you. I thought you hated me. Why else would you have allowed these […]

Thanks for the Memories..

Facebook. Social Media. There are times that it’s such a distraction. It can be a time waster. And unfortunately there are people addicted to it. But today? Today, I appreciated the fact that Facebook does those ‘Your Memories on Facebook’. Here was what was on my news feed: “2:30 am – I awake to noises, get […]