What’s Wrong With Me?

Ever heard the phrase – my tongue was in front of my eyeteeth so I couldn’t see what I was saying? I’ve heard it for years. It’s kind of a funny way of justifying when you misspoke yourself. So what would you say when you realize not that you’ve misspoken yourself but that you have […]

When A Plan Comes Together….

Here’s a bit of story, a little jaunt down memory lane, showing that God knows more than we do and that He has plans in place. This tale was from around 20 years ago. It was while we were living in Ohio, before we moved to Florida. We had traveled down for vacation and stayed […]

Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen. I believe all of us recall hearing this as a small child. As well as certainly telling our own children to stop, look, and listen. Most likely when you read the title and even began reading this blog you thought of crossing the road. I do not blame you at all. Because […]

Growing Through Trauma

A few weeks ago, I experienced a traumatic incident. I can’t go in to detail, but the jest of it is that myself and a couple of my friends helped save a life. I gave CPR for the first time. Everything turned out fine, the individual is okay. I was not. I was traumatized. I […]

Authentically You

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw My whole life I was always trying to ‘find myself’ to figure out who I was. I would stress myself out endlessly over not knowing. How does one find themselves? How do we know who we are? One day someone told me that […]

Funnies & Friends

Have you ever had a friend that helps you bust loose in uncontrollable laughter? That friend that helps you see the humor in some of the most mundane moments? That friend that no matter what you are doing you will stop to take their call because you know that you will be so blessed by […]