It’s Always the Little Things That Get to Us…

You know that thing? The one that annoys you, because it needs handled but on the priority list of life it ranks too low to get done?  This is a recent one for me. In the hospital, in Ken’s room, <bathroom to be specific>, this toilet paper holder doesn’t stay latched closed.  This means that […]

Whatcha Lookin at?

Hi Lovelies <3 I have been thinking a lot about perspective and the stories that we tell ourselves. I was on Linkedin and I saw a post about how important it is to not look at the time when we wake up during the night. I read it because I found it interesting. Why shouldn’t […]

Get Out of the Mud of Life and Change Your Mindset

Ever felt like you needed a shower after having a conversation with someone? Not because of their potty mouth, but because of all of the negative talk that they just got all over you? Ever talk to someone that was so bright, uplifting, and positive that you went away feeling better than you did before […]

Leadership Lies I Told Myself…

There have been multiple times in my life when I can recall making a conscious decision not to lead, or a decision that I would not lead in the future. When I first got sober, I joined a 12 step fellowship and got a sponsor. (A sponsor is a person who takes you through the […]