Covid Stole Our Etiquette!

Have any of you noticed our etiquette is missing? I believe Covid stole it! Ever since the world began to open back up – from where it was shut down for the pandemic, I have seen more and more signs of this. Let me give you some examples that I have noticed as an Uber/Lyft […]

What Are You Packing? (Traveling With Food Issues & Chronic Pain)

As we drove home from our 10 day trip yesterday, I started thinking about this blog. I was reviewing in my mind what I needed to put where when we unloaded the car. We chose to drive my husband’s 2018 Dodge Challenger, with it’s massive trunk and it was packed full! Some of the trunk […]

Shopping Without Mom

I ordered some new things for my mom on Amazon. Her assisted living is nice, and she has the ability to have her own things there and make it sort of her own. She isn’t able to go shopping anymore, and while I may be able to get her focused enough for a moment to […]