A Moment in the Alzheimer’s Adventure

Sometimes I completely blew my mom’s mind. I know that. She even would say to me that she totally didn’t get me, but nevertheless, she supported me. I admit, I have looked at her and wondered, how can we be so totally different and yet still be mother and daughter? It isn’t a lack of […]

Expecting Better

Tears running down her face, filled with frustration, and feeling absolutely discouraged, Melody stood in the customer service line. The vacation that she had worked so hard for seemed to be coming to a devastating halt. She couldn’t see a way to repair it.  She saw the lady pushing a walker toward her, with a […]

Shopping Without Mom

I ordered some new things for my mom on Amazon. Her assisted living is nice, and she has the ability to have her own things there and make it sort of her own. She isn’t able to go shopping anymore, and while I may be able to get her focused enough for a moment to […]

Evacuation Plans

Well folks, here it is again – Hurricane Season! If you haven’t read my “Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” blog from Sept. 2017, and are looking for more on hurricanes, feel free to check out the archives. Today’s blog will be a bit different, kind of more of a preparedness / evacuating with […]