Happy 4th Birthday Conquer With Hope Blog!!!

I reflect back on when Jorjia and I talked about creating Conquer With Hope. Life was certainly different then! It was funny, Jorjia and I both felt led to write a blog, and we were kind of nervous about approaching each other, because unbeknownst to us – we both felt led to write one and […]

3/4 Century Birthday

  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my mama, Happy Birthday to you.     So, we did it! We threw my mom a 75th Birthday party. Party decorations were hung, an absolutely huge cake was brought in, family and friends gathered round, and we celebrated. It was a beautiful day, […]

It’s a Birthday Thing

If my birthday is February 23rd, but we celebrated it on December 2nd; am I still 49 years old until my actual birthdate? Cuz I know for children that they know you don’t turn older until you get the birthday party! So, if we had the party… am I older? So, now that I have […]