3 Strategies To Give You More Time

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be rushing around, always exhausted, and yet they don’t really seem to be accomplishing anything more or getting any further ahead than everyone else? Or how about the ones who say that they really would like to make extra money but just don’t have enough time […]

Don’t Judge My Relationship

So, I met the person of my dreams. He is honest and loyal. Compassionate and forgiving. He loves me for exactly who I am and encourages me to become who I am supposed to be. He is always there when I need him and never acts disappointed in me – even though I continue to […]

When They Stop – The World Stops

One of my friends was discussing how they couldn’t believe someone they knew had hired help for doing things around the house like cleaning and such. They had hired someone to do tasks that the person was fully capable of performing. They said that was ridiculous, and then they asked if I thought it was […]

Turning Back Time

In the year 2020, many begged for time to speed up, to get us in to 2021 and out of the craziness we were living in. It was as if we believed that if the calendar changed – so too would our circumstance. Funny, isn’t it? As if wishing time away could happen, and if […]

Happy 4th Birthday Conquer With Hope Blog!!!

I reflect back on when Jorjia and I talked about creating Conquer With Hope. Life was certainly different then! It was funny, Jorjia and I both felt led to write a blog, and we were kind of nervous about approaching each other, because unbeknownst to us – we both felt led to write one and […]