Final Call for Boarding Flight…

Ok… double check those seat belts… the captain is going to try something new this morning!!! Oh dear! Maybe not what you want to hear when boarding your flight! I’m an avid traveler though, and totally appreciate a sense of humor with the flight attendants. The jokes mentioned here are from Southwest Airlines a year […]

I Am Proud & You Read It Here

I am an entrepreneur. I am a community builder. I say this with pride, because I know what a difference this has made in my life and how it has helped so many others. (And starting in January 2019 – how it will help so many more!) In May 2013 I was introduced to LIFE […]

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Close your eyes for a moment (Unless of course you are driving!) and imagine a house decorated for Christmas. Now, imagine all of that condensed into the space of an apartment. Yikes! Wow! And yet somehow Nana manages to make it look adorable. “Are we decorating today?” Mom asked me excitedly this morning. After gently […]