Who Are You Thinking Of?

The first time that I remember someone telling me that I was being selfish and not thinking of others – not only shocked me – but made me angry! Who did they think they were?! Mind you, this was actually in a room full of people and this speaker was talking to everyone. But it […]

What If We Never Ask?

Hey, what’s your agenda like tomorrow? I was wondering if you would like to get together for lunch and a visit? The immediate response was sure, sounds great! But what if I never asked? Today we are all rushing from here to there and doing so many things, juggling life and career and relationships. But […]

Evacuation Anxiety Weakened By Hugs

What’s the best way to spend a hurricane evacuation? How about at a Disney resort, making lots of new friends, and getting lots of hugs? That’s exactly what we did! Monday evening when we checked in things weren’t too bad with mom. As the evening progressed, sadly it got more challenging for her. Unfortunately when […]