What’s Your Word Worth?

I walked in to a Discount Store to purchase some mini notebooks to give as gifts. The parking lot was extremely full, which should have given me a clue, but this store is located at the end of a shopping plaza, so I attributed it to the other stores as well. When I opened the […]

Get Your Head in the Game

I have never really been involved in sports or physical activity, besides horseback riding and briefly, volleyball. The most rigorous exercise I do consistently is walking. I have done yoga for a little while – but rarely push myself physically. I don’t like to sweat. But I know the positive effects of exercise – the […]

Measure of a Man

The first time that Jorjia and I heard the saying that the only one that truly takes a new measure of a man is a tailor, was at a leadership convention. We both thought that statement was extremely profound. Today I was thinking about the fact that it’s not even just others that don’t take […]

Spinning Those Darn Plates!

My best friend asked me if I couldn’t learn to say no now – as I am striving to achieve my dreams; then how did I ever think I would be able to when some of my dreams were achieved and I was confronted with thousands of more opportunities. Saying “no” is one of the […]