Breakfast Bar Crumbles

I look at my clock. Three and a half hours so far… breakfast now is just a distant memory. We are at the doctor’s office, doing testing for allergy to medication. I knew it would be an ‘all day process’ but I guess somehow, I thought it would be like some of those types of […]

You’ll Never Throw Again, You Are Done.

‘You’ll never throw again, you are done, certainly pitching isn’t in your future and most likely baseball.’ My heart plummeted when the doctor spoke those words to my son. I felt nausea come over me, my heartbeat quickened. Tears welled up and I refused to let them fall. “Stay strong for Michael,” I thought to […]

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

It’s a funny thing, happiness. Sometimes seeming so elusive to me, yet occasionally I see other people who seem to have happiness as almost a constant companion. Then I wonder, what is their secret? Often, I don’t even realize that I am not happy until I recognize that I feel unhappy and am suffocating in […]