Homeschooling – My Side of the Story

Don’t you wish you could be around other kids? Does that mean you don’t have any friends? Don’t you get bored being home all the time? Those were the questions I was asked the most. So let me set the record straight; I thank GOD that my parents homeschooled me. I feel like I am […]

Oh? You homeschool!?

‘Oh. You homeschool?’ Used to be asked with such disdain. There was almost an air of superiority in the voice of the questioner at times, or occasionally a tone of utter disbelief.  I would cringe when I heard it. I felt as if I had to defend myself and my daughter. Poor thing, she would […]

Maybe You Should Just Give Up.

I read something in the newspaper the other day that really ticked me off and saddened me. Sometimes I read the articles where people are asking for advice, I find it interesting. This time it was a gentleman writing to the woman about his marriage. In his letter, he stated that basically he wasn’t feeling […]

A Fire

I’m sure on the outside this is gonna sound funny, but I didn’t think so when it was happening! So, as I write this, I’m in my chair and icing my back. Why? You may ask? Cuz of the doggone bonfire. That’s why. You may be thinking ‘oh my’ by now, and I don’t blame you. […]