Color Me Happy

Recently I have been dealing with major mood swings. I have been battling a lot of depression and feeling overwhelmed. This being the case I have been exploring ways to cope with these feelings. One of the things that I have found helpful is coloring. I have always enjoyed being artistic, but when I am depressed – it seems like too much effort to pull out all of my art supplies. So, one night after work I pulled out a coloring book and some gel pens. An hour later I was left with a pretty picture and a lighter heart. I decided to look into this new trend – and it seems that coloring is actually being regarded as another form of meditation!

According to the Huffington Post; coloring as a relaxation technique has actually been around since the 20th century with Carl G. Jung. In her article Elena Santos says “When coloring, we activate different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres, says psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala. “The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements]. The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.”” (Check out the full article here:

For me, I have noticed that coloring helps me to breathe. I feel more centered and grounded after I have colored, and I actually sleep better.

What techniques do you use for stress relief?

Do you meditate?

How do you get centered?

Happy Coloring!

XO, Jorjia

As always, thank you for your continued support. You matter to us!


Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids. It Can Help Adults Combat Stress. By Elena Santos

Huffington Post

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